The Bachelor Finale + Bachelorette Reveal

For me, this past Bachelor season can be summed up by one word – difficult. I found it difficult to watch, write or care about. Choosing Arie as the Bachelor was (in my opinion) one of the worst moves this show has made in years – Bachelor Winter Games included.

I tried to sum up the finale with the usual mix of humour and snark, but that was even hard to summon when everything that went down was just so abjectly awful.

Instead of my usual play-by-play recap, I’m just going to do a really brief overview of the finale, and then rant for a few minutes about THAT ending. This season hurt, friends. It hurt bad.


Are you sure I can’t pick both of them?

Basically, we find out very early on in the episode that Arie is nowhere near making a decision on which girl he’s going to get down on one knee in front of. This has to be red flag number one. I mean, someone who is so indecisive should perhaps not be making live altering decisions on the fly?

He calls in his parents for backup, which they do not provide because they say they like both girls. What they do point out though, is that Arie has dated girls like Lauren in the past (which obviously has not worked out), so perhaps Becca might be the better fit. 

After this, he has last dates with both girls which go as exactly as you would expect. Arie is pretty mopey about the decision he has to make, both of the girls are nervous as to what’s going to happen. The end. 



At least the scenery is nice?

Despite being the MOST indecisive, Arie does indeed make a choice – for now. However, before that decision is made we are treated to a spectacularly long montage of Arie (and the girls) looking wistfully at various landscapes and walking down lonely paths. It’s all very metaphorical. 

Lauren in the first lady out of the limo, which means that she’ll be the one sent home, and Becca is our ‘winner’ (or is she?).

Aptly, it starts to rain fairly heavily part way through his rejection rant. Lauren (at first) seems to take things pretty calmly and he tells her he didn’t fully decide what he was going to do until that morning. I mean, perhaps this was yet ANOTHER reason why he shouldn’t have proposed to Becca? But what do I know, I’ve only watched about 20 seasons of this train wreck. ANYWAY, Lauren says that she still loves him, and he says he still loves her too. Which, COME ON.

After Lauren leaves, Becca enters and walks down a very long llama filled path to meet Arie, who does not look overly excited to see her. However, despite all his reservations and his love for Lauren, he proposes to Becca anyway and she says yes. The end. Haha, you all know what happens after this.


20 minutes of a split screen breakup is 20 minutes too many.

This whole part of the show, I still cannot believed happened, it’s low, even for Bachelor franchise standards.

We’re ‘treated’ to some footage of Arie and Becca in their post-Bachelor life, hanging out in a hammock, showing off her ring, awkwardly kissing, etc. However, in an interview, Arie says that when he’s with Becca, he’s often thinking of Lauren. He thinks it’s unfair to Becca for her to be in a relationship that he’s only half invested it, so he’s going to break up with her for a chance with Lauren.

So, this would have been all well and good (kinda) if they had not decided that ambushing Becca with cameras and filming the entire breakup would be the right thing to do. Umm, how about one big giant NO. At this point, as far as Becca knew everything was fine in their relationship and she’s about to get dumped for another girl on CAMERA. Screw that.

If that wasn’t all bad enough enough, the breakup scene plays out for about 20 minutes and (of course) its all kinds of awkward. Arie is trying to ‘explain himself’ and Becca is just wanting him the hell out of there. AS YA WOULD. It’s so terrible to watch, even with all the other crap this show has put us through over the years.

That is basically where the show ends. Becca comes out on the stage in ‘real time’ and Chris Harrison asks if she wants to see Arie again, and you can tell she knows that she doesn’t really have a choice in the matter.

Now, after this, another two hour ‘After the Final Rose’ did air, but after watching three very painful and long hours, I just couldn’t make myself watch another two. I do know that Lauren and Arie are now engaged (good luck with that, Lauren) and that Becca is going to be the new Bachelorette. A bit more on that below.


When you realize you’ve dodged a bullet.

Anyone who has ever watched approximately 15 minutes of the Bachelor could have seen this coming from a mile and a half away. What a better way to start a new series, then fresh off the drama of the previous one? I had absolutely no doubts that Becca was doing to be the new Bachelorette and that ABC is going to milk the drama from Arie’s season’s for all it’s worth.

That being said, I do quite like Becca and finale events aside, she probably would have been a good pick, but still, this was the most obvious choice in recent years. Good luck to you Becca, I’m sure ANY of this guys available to you will be much, much better than the one who just dumped you. You got the better of the situation.

That’s it! Another season in the books. Again, this one was tough to cover and I nearly gave up on it many times. Will the upcoming Bachelorette be any better? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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