‘The Blacklist’ 5×16 Photos: ‘The Capricorn Killer’

NBC has released the photos for this week’s new Blacklist, “The Capricorn Killer.” After Liz discovered the identity of Tom’s killer last week, unfortunately at the cost of Detective Singleton’s life, this week she, Red, and the Task Force will be doing everything they can to bring him to justice. The Task Force obviously will want to take Ian Garvey down legally, but Red, and maybe even Liz, have other plans. For now it seems that Liz enlisted the help of the Task Force in order to help her bring Ian Garvey down legally, but Red has been trying to convince her that the fight won’t be over until Garvey is dead, a jail cell won’t cut it.

It’s yet to be seen whether Liz will follow Red’s advice, or let her FBI judgement take over, but one thing is certain, there is no telling what Liz will do if she is given the opportunity to kill the man who murdered her husband. We’ve seen her snap before when she killed the Attorney General. Of course he had it coming, but she could have chosen to gather evidence to arrest him instead of killing him. This time, the crime is even more personal so we could see her choosing to let her violent side take over again. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Red however, has a decision to make. Ian Garvey is currently in possession of the suitcase of bones containing a secret that Red desperately wants to keep hidden. Will he decide to keep his secret safe no matter what, and strike a deal with Garvey? Or will he choose to remain loyal to Liz like he always has in the past? We should find out when things come to a head in “The Capricorn Killer” tonight.

Check out the gallery and read the synopsis below to prepare for the episode!


Liz investigates new details in a cold case from her early work as an FBI profiler. The Task Force takes action to bring down Tom’s killers within the legal system, while Red takes an opposite approach.

The Blacklist airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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