SEAL Team 1×16 “Never Get Out of the Boat” Review.

There was a lot to like about this week’s episode of SEAL Team, Never Get Out of the Boat. A lot. But there was something that nauseated me – and it wasn’t the team picking shrapnel out of Sonny.

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Like: Mandy’s still working to find out who owns the poppy field from last episode. She meets up with the guys once they’ve returned from their latest op, and it almost seems like she wants to join them for a beer, wants to hang out, socialize, with people. Is Mandy’s self-enforced isolation from the rest of her colleagues starting to bother her?
Okay, she’s actually just reacting to members of the team being in their underwear. But I like my theory better.

Like: Clay’s missing Stella, but worse than that when they do talk he’s suspicious of the people she’s interacting with. Sonny interrupts, and Clay is not impressed. He is long past ready to let go of the last of his patience and snap. I struggle with Sonny. Some weeks I like how divisive he is, while other weeks I just wish someone would put one of Cerberus’ muzzles on him. What I really liked about this scene was how calm Stella remained despite Clay’s jealousy. She won’t allow the conversation to end on a fight, and she does what she can to placate Clay. I appreciated her maturity.

Sonny: “The Millennial snowflake just seems to have all the answers.”

Clay: “No, I just know you don’t have any.”

DO NOT WANT: This flirting between Amy and Jason is gross.
“I was going to invite you over to come see my garden,” Amy tells Jason, and I almost throw up a little in my mouth.

Like: Mandy shows off her interrogating skills again this week, getting the name of the poppy field’s owner. It’s amazing how much more freely people will speak about who they work for when their family’s lives might be in danger. Mandy’s killing it in the interrogation rooms. Can she stay on deployment forever?

Like: With Ghani’s bodyguard located, they’re close to finding Ghani himself – the poppy field’s owner. The man who ordered the hit on Echo.
Blackburn pulls Jason aside. The team’s been working hard and he’s concerned they’re going to start making mistakes. Now would be a good time to bench Sonny, in my opinion. But Jason promises they’re solid.
However right as they’re about to get on the chopper, CIA pulls the plug on the mission. And Jason is ready to flip the desk of the CIA agent responsible. He’s just following orders though because the DEA is protecting Ghani.

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Love: Mandy and Jason have an argument over his actions in her boss’ office. She’s angry, and it’s a great scene between these two. Jessica Paré is fantastic as she first confronts Jason, and then switches from angry to concerned as the fight drops out of him. Please, SEAL Team writers, more Mandy/Jason scenes like this.
He steps right up to her, asks what she’s going to do about the situation. She says she’s not sure, and, like Jason, she won’t give up.

But she has a plan. Mandy does a little flirting with Mulwray – and suddenly the op’s back on.

Love: The team comes under heavy fire as they approach Ghani’s compound, and it’s a fantastic scene, tense, emotional, and exciting. Sonny is injured from the blast of an explosion and the resulting hard landing, and it’s Clay who saves him, who takes out all three of the men advancing on the injured Sonny.

“Nice shooting, kid.”

Clay and Sonny bond a little more while Clay helps remove shrapnel from Sonny’s back. It’s a team moment, as they all take turns with the tweezers. This might be the turning point in the Sonny/Clay relationship. Or at least the beginnings of respect.

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Love, like, and a whole lot of nope: The team raises their beers to Echo team in a sombre moment of redemption and remembrance.

But the relief, the victory, won’t last. Mandy breaks the news to Jason that Ghani sold the farm after it was burned. The money they found isn’t his.


While Mandy accepts a beer and joins the team (finally!), Jason heads off to his quarters. He unravels, missing Alana, not having avenged Echo like he thought, and from his quarters he heads to Amy’s…

Do. Not. Want.

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