‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×16 Review: Caught Somewhere in Time

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy gave us a mixture of humorous, emotional, and some pretty heavy moments. It doesn’t shy away from gives you different reactions after another.

Jackson and Maggie have Been Spotted

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that felt awkward when Richard and Catherine came across Maggie and Jackson as they have their own smooch fest. It’s understandable in which Catherine shows her concerns about seeing the two together. Though, there was a moment where she shaded them in stating that they were practically siblings. I laughed. know they’re not full-on siblings but we can’t deny that they’re step-siblings, though they didn’t meet each other until they were full-on adults.

This storyline between Maggie and Jackson is quite different from your typical relationship drama on this show. They seem to be happy, but I hope that if the writers want to go somewhere with this, that they let it go smoothly. Come at it at a different angle and allow them to really make it seem like they could potentially be the right fit for one another. Not just something they’ll like to explore for a few episodes.

Somebody Help April. Now.

April’s crisis of faith is taking a big toll on her, now to the point where it’s becoming worrisome. It’s pretty obvious that something’s up with her now and she’s making it visible publically. She needs help, some kind of guidance at least. Looks like she’s still carrying the guilt of Max’s wife’s death and all the other events that occurred in the “Personal Jesus” episode.

But this spiral seems to only look worse. The way that April went into that unexpected kiss on Jackson looks like a cry for help. Though I’m glad that Jackson knows that something’s up with her. He’s there for no matter what, she is after all the mother of his child. I hope we can see some good coming her way in the upcoming episodes.

Owen and Amelia; The Never Ending Recipe for Disaster 

Stop, stop this no-strings-attached thing going on. Why did this even have to happen? I have expressed my opinions one too many times about how I did not like these two together, ever. They were a disaster from the start and this no-strings-attached thing agreement didn’t even last 10 minutes because obviously there are some repressed feelings that haven’t come to light yet until then. The whole child thing is brought up again and I’m not surprised that Owen still wanted to casually bring it up.

Please, just let them go back to being coworkers and be done for. However, Amelia brings up Teddy stating that she was his own “tumor”.

Well, well, well. Looks like Amelia is bringing these two together now. It was like she was making it okay for Owen to go to her because Teddy has been his rock this whole time.

Teddy’s character will be returning to the show anyway, so I’m guessing we’re going to be able to see something happy. This, I approve of.

And Amelia can just…do something else.

Other thoughts:

  • Bailey is the ultimate nerd and I love it.
  • The kid’s laughter that was in fact seizures was heartbreaking.
  • Arizona doing the whole ‘bring your daughter to work day’ bit was nice. You can tell how much she cares for her.
  • Meredith, you are not your mother. Create your own history, girl.

What did you think of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC



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