Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: March 18th – March 24th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awwwand, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Erin: Nic, The Resident. Like I love the hell out of her. She doesn’t back down and she fights for those that she loves. She’s out there kicking ass for the patients and for the people in her life. I love her commitment to everyone. She teaches us to never give up.

Lizzie: I’m going to say Dana Scully from The X-Files, and not for surviving what happened to her on the show, no, but for surviving Chris Carter and the shitty ass writing that made her a victim over and over again, and despite that, still managing to be a role model for little girls all over the world. Here’s to you, Dana Scully. May Chris Carter never get his hands on your again.

Lyra: Sheila Hammond, The Santa Clarita Diet. I’ll avoid spoilers. Promise. This real estate agent doesn’t let the fact that she’s dead stop her from going for what she wants in her career, life, and future. She’s found herself in the afterlife and I’m excited to see what comes next for her when she stops acting like the old Sheila for other people’s benefit!

OTP of the Week


Erin: Jasper and Eleanor on The Royals. These two radiate chemistry and are absolutely fierce. They’ve gone down a long road and sure, it took something insane to get them back together, but they found their way to each other and that’s what matters. I am here for it. I am about it. I need them to be together. They are my ship!

Lizzie: Lyatt it is. That moment in the trunk of the car was filled with so much intimacy, and the way these two connect is so real, so deeply rooted in friendship and real respect for each other that I just cannot wait for them to finally take that final step. Get to it, Timeless.

Lyra: Lyatt, on Timeless, cuz reasons, trunk scenes, and common sense. *crying emoji* *crying emoji* *crying emoji* That is all.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS


Kayla: On The Resident, there’s a scene where Conrad tells his and Nic’s patient near the end of the episode that he loves Nic’s eye for art and that if it wasn’t for her he’d still have Bruce Lee posters hanging on his apartment walls. Implying that they were together long enough at some point for her to redecorate his apartment (their apartment?) and that he’s kept the decorations up, despite the break up. It gives insight into the couple they once were – and in my opinion – the couple they can become again. Just so many feels and it was only a fragment of a much larger scene. Oh, the feels! *happy sigh*

Erin: I caught up on The Resident this week and I love it. I really, really love all of the moments that are shared between Conrad and Nic. Their chemistry radiates off the screen. I think if I had to narrow down what made me have the feels this week was these two. They are becoming my new favorite ship on TV. They deserve the attention that they haven’t got yet, but hopefully will. I

But I can’t narrow down to just one. Cause I am also gonna go with Eleanor looking at Robert and telling him that she’s going to be great and choose love. I am living for the Jasper/Eleanor ship at all times on The Royals.

Lizzie: Wyatt’s backstory on Timeless, especially because it was said in such a matter of fact way, when, let’s say it clearly, he was describing abuse. And it was both a moment of Wyatt, my baby, I want to hug you and Oh, I get you now, more than before.

Lyra: Wyatt telling us a little bit about his past on NBC’s Timeless turned me into a puddle of FEELS. It was fantastic to see this character open up to someone he cares deeply about while in a vulnerable position. It’s moments like this that define men, friends, possible love interests like Wyatt and make him stand out! He is a survivor, a kind man, and someone I’d be proud to continue fighting with to save the world from people like Rittenhouse!

Superhero of the Week


Erin: My superhero of the week is Eleanor on The Royals. Why? Because she is strong and fierce. And she doesn’t ever give up. She’s been through a lot and she’s scared of love, but she’s allowed herself to become vulnerable. She teaches us that it’s okay to love and it’s okay to let your walls down and it’s okay to not let your walls down when you don’t want to at the same time. She’s just a fierce character.

Charles: My hero of the week is Wyatt from Timeless. Not just for saving the day and NASCAR’s most famous race track but also for opening up about his past. Having gone through a childhood of physical and mental abuse from his father, to be the man Wyatt is – loyal to his friends and the people he loves- makes him a hero in my book.

Lizzie: Me, for watching Krypton? Does that count?

Lyra: Gillian Anderson for finally saying, “Bye, Felicia” to The X-Files. May your glory grace our screens once more but not in the shape of Agent Dana Scully. We have laid this beauty to rest and are excited for what you do next.

Quote of the Week

Danielle: “The truth is you were disgusted by him long before he became disgusting.” – Ronnie, American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Erin: “I knew if I got shot I’d get you home.” – Jasper, The Royals

Charles: “You can win a apartment legally in a duel.” John Constantine, Legends of Tomorrow

Lizzie: Wendell (to Rufus): “Hell, what’s too tough for everyone else is right enough for us.” – Timeless

Lyra: “Hey, Prick. You are out of bullets. Come on up.” Negan, The Walking Dead

WTF Moment of the Week


Kayla: Whatever this thing is between Regina and Dr. Facilier on Once Upon A Time is just weird. I think every character on the show who knows of their “relationship” is just a creeped out as I am. Zelena in particular.

It’s just an odd relationship choice and to me, not only does it not come across bad on screen – it is odd timing to try to force romance into a show that will be ending soon. Inserting this odd romance with nine episodes left was just not a good idea from the writers.

I know the show is written – and the finale is being taped right now – so nothing I say here will change this – but with so little screen time left – a forced romance that the writers made other characters actually creeped out by – and that creeps out their audience (or at least me) – was NOT the way to go.

Erin: The whole episode of Shadowhunters. Not just one moment – the entire fucking episode.

Charles: The X-Files finale. Scully suddenly is pregnant and doesn’t give a S*it about William? UM NO. CHRIS CARTER, YOU CAN KEEP IT.

Lizzie: What Charles said. Not only was that shit slow, boring and ridiculous, it went against twenty five freaking years of character development. Scully is suddenly pregnant at 54, even though, for all we know, she’s still barren? Oh, and she’s all like yay, replacement baby, why should I care about William again? Only a man. Seriously, only a man. Thank God The X-Files is over.

Lyra: Dear The X-Files,

I hope this is the last time we meet. You’ve been a magnificently disappointed season and I’m more than happy to delete your very existence from my memory banks.


People who love Gillian & David and are proud that all these people came together and had actual freaking jobs but are disappointed in the overall product that was this season

P.S. Chris Carter needs a dictionary sent to him with the words “platonic, delusional & medical rape” underlined.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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