SEAL Team 1×17 “In Name Only” Review

In “In Name Only” Mandy’s ready to go after the main guy, the one responsible for Echo’s death. But if she’s wrong, or even if she’s right, she’ll have a target on her head, and so the episode opens with a threat on her life, and ends the same.

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Sonny and Clay’s relationship has improved. Obviously, the hit Sonny took in the previous episode, Clay’s skills when it came to having his back, was exactly what he needed, and he now seems to have some respect for Clay. Even if he doesn’t agree with Clay that he needs to abstain from sex while his back heals.
And Clay even shows a different attitude during the briefing. Instead of his usual eye-rolls, his lack of patience, his retorts to Sonny’s quips, now he just smiles along. It’s nice to see these boys sorting things out. It’s nice to see this growth.

After celebrating at the end of the previous episode, the team finds out the cash on the poppy field wasn’t Ghani’s. But they can still celebrate – because Jason knows they’ll find the man responsible soon. It’s during this briefing that Jason comments to Mandy on “the reporter that’s been sniffing round you”, and considering Jason’s current burgeoning relationship with Amy (whom he knows nothing about) I think perhaps he should be keeping his mouth shut.

Admittedly, I can’t quite figure Mulwray out, but when he tells her he’s keeping their relationship professional Mandy seems disappointed. Maybe there are cracks forming in the Great Wall of Mandy after all. I’m not sure I trust him, but Mandy’s smart enough to know when she’s being played, and I think she could navigate a less-than-professional relationship with him while still keeping her heart somewhat guarded.
I’m not sure Jason’s going to be so able to do the same with Amy in his current, fracturing, emotional state.

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With the poppy field in Salim’s wife’s name, the team tracks her down via her father. They then go into planning mode, to hit a compound that’s been preparing for a hit for years. Will that make it more challenging, or an easier target because the guards have become complacent?

Ray’s keeping an eye on Jason. He knows Jason slept with Amy, and he knows he’s getting reckless out on missions. It’s bothering Ray like it’s bothering all of us. Speaking of things that bother us: has Ray’s arm magically healed? It seems like he’s been using it just fine recently. I thought that was going to create bigger problems than it has so far. Perhaps this is something that will be revisited in future episodes?

Things get more complicated when the mission becomes a joint one with the Afghan army. They don’t trust the men working with them, but, worse, there’s a new guy on the team that none of them know. Judgement calls have to be made on the spot, but everyone will be watching everyone’s backs.

It’s not just more complicated for Bravo while on the mission, but for the straps too, who have to share their command space with officers from the Afghan side.


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The teams work together and breach the compound, taking out the guards with ease. SEAL Team draws us into the action by filming the raid in night-vision, making the audience feel like they’re there with the team, breaching the compound in the dead of night.

They secure the men’s quarters, the women’s quarters, and find more women, and children, in the prisoner’s quarters. But no sign of the wife.

The new guy on the Afghan team disappears, only to be found dead with his throat slit, and suddenly they become aware that it wasn’t the new guy they needed to be suspicious of, but one of the established members of the team. He’s killed, taken out without fuss while trying to flee with Salim’s wife, and our team is successful in their mission.

Back at camp, Mandy sits with the wife, to get intel on her Salim, promising they’ll protect her, promising she can see her father again. It’s another strong, solid scene for Mandy. Outside, Mulwray’s getting his sit down with Jason, who’s making it clear he doesn’t like the reporter, or his interest in Mandy. But Mulwray plants a seed in Jason’s mind, telling him about how mining is the future. Until the country is stable, the drilling won’t happen, which connects to the team’s presence in the country. Which connects to Amy having Steve Porter of Echo Team’s drill, the one he gave to her to have tested prior to his death. Hmmm, things are suddenly getting very interesting here in Jalalabad.

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The episode ends with Mandy setting Salim up. It’s easy for her to incite a threat on her life from him after she makes it clear she knows all about his deception, how he’s playing both sides. She just wants him to know that she knows, so she can observe his next move. And so he threatens her life, telling her,  “Nobody would be surprised if a pretty American girl was found dead in this part of town.” With Bravo team waiting in the wings for just a threat, it’s enough to get the green light for the op to bring him down.

I just hope the mining, and Steve’s drill, is enough to keep Jason distracted between ops. Amy has served her purpose. Can we shuffle her on now?

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