‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×17 Review: “One Day Like This”

It truly never fails to amaze me how creative Grey’s Anatomy likes to be with their episodes. This time around, we get a much more narrowed and focused episode centered around three characters and their huge storylines, all in the span of 24 hours in “One Day Like This.”

Let’s break them down, shall we?

Owen Flys to Teddy

There’s really no surprise that these two have always shared such an intimate history together, one of many we’ve been able to witness on screen, and others that were off screen. Nonetheless, these two had something great. They were the best of friends but then feelings came along where Teddy was always vocal about how she felt, but Owen was too lost in himself to realize it.

The fact that it took him THIS long to realize that Teddy was the one after Amelia basically pointed it out to him, isn’t all that romantic. Yeah, he made the grand gesture to fly out to her all the way to Germany. They reconnected again and in a way, time stood still for them.

Owen has been through a lot, not going to lie. But there was always this one thing he was so desperate in attaining, the one thing time and time again he believed he wanted it more than anything- and it’s to be a father. Christina couldn’t give that to him and then Amelia followed. Was he now going for Teddy as a last resort?

Personally, I think Owen needs to take that step back, or two, from relationships now. A little soul-searching wouldn’t hurt, you know? I like Teddy and I’m sad this ended so fast for her when all this time she wished for this moment. It felt too good to be true, I guess.

April and Her Eye-Opening Moment with Eli

There you have it. Someone has actually helped April Kepner in what has been a deeply struggling and tough journey of a crisis of faith for her character.

It was heartbreaking and boy did I get teary-eyed in the very raw moment we were able to witness between Eli and April.

I think the problem behind April’s struggle is that she’s always felt alone with her faith. We didn’t really see anyone share and relate to her values as much as she did. Well, there was Matthew for a bit but that turned to a different direction really quick.

Eli basically spills it all out to her, and you can notice the shift in April’s character at that moment. She finally UNDERSTANDS now. Also, the interaction between her and Eli was probably the realist sh*t you’ll ever see about faith on TV.

“Where is it written exactly that if you do this and that, everything in your life is going to be good?”

Aprill needed to hear that from Eli. All of it. It’s sad that he had to die from a medication that is largely known to cure people, but sometimes, things just happen. As April came to the realization, she says to Bailey:

“Some things just happen and we don’t get to know why.”

Yes, April. Yes. Stunning performance on Sarah Drew’s part for depict all the emotions that’s rushing through April in that moment.

Meredith and Her Connection with Nick

Soo I like Nick. He’s…different.

Though let’s not jump into a quick love interest for Meredith Grey but their interactions, I’m not denying, were really refreshing to watch. Within the number of hours these two have spent together as he ends up being her patient, we get to see how Meredith evolves.

It’s crazy to think that Meredith never had a ‘Plan B’.  She lived and breathed in being a surgeon, there was nothing else. That was her future, and it continues to be her identity that she is so proud of. Heck, it’s something I’m proud of too because I’ve loved Meredith’s journey. It’s been beautiful, moving and full of independence.

However, Nick seems cool. Not only is he’s enjoying flirting with Meredith, but it’s clear that he has great admiration of her as he mentions her Harper Avery award. Yeah, put some respect on THAT. That is such an accomplishment.

I dunno, I’m excited to see how this connection will turn out to be. What’s interesting is that Nick doesn’t even live in Seattle, he’s a surgeon from Minnesota. Meredith admits that he’s pretty hot and seems to have enjoyed his company. Don’t you just love it when the patients bring on a much more impact on the doctors? We’ll be seeing him around more. We sure will.

Other thoughts:

  • That flashback of Meredith turning her head in the bar, seeing Derek, I CRY.
  • I’m really bummed about Owen and Teddy. I was rooting for them. But clearly, Owen has some stuff to work on his own. Blahhh.
  • I was more than a bit irritated with the way April spoke to Bailey. NOT COOL. I’m glad she approached her kindly in the chapel.
  • Seeing Karev pop up at the bar made me happy. Hello, world, Alex Karev is too precious to me, that is all.
  • This episode was directed by Kevin McKidd. Next week’s episode is directed by Jesse Willaims. STAY TUNED!

What did you think of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts with us!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

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