‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×18 Review: Hold Back the River

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 18 ‘Hold Back the River’, we go back to the patients we’ve been invested in so far and get more information about the research that’s been going on.

Here are 5 Notable Moments from this week’s episode:

1. Meredith’s research is working!

This means she doesn’t need Marie after all! That was pretty stressful for her and it goes back to how they can save more lives. I’ve been really enjoying the interactions between Jo and Meredith and the bond they’ve formed since working together on this research. Jo has been a great helping hand and teamwork does make a difference in this one.

2. April is Making Her Rounds of Apologies

There’s no surprise that April has been going through a big ordeal these past few episodes, as she was going through a crisis of faith, which made her act and become someone else, someone no one really recognized and someone that everyone was worried about. But after her realization with a patient in last week’s episode that helped her see the bigger picture, it seems like she’s getting back to her own self.

She goes around apologizing to everyone she believes she was not nice to during her bad days. That’s a sign of the old April, right? Her moment with Jackson was sweet and it was needed. Even though they’re not together anymore, he still has her back and she knows that.

3.  Arizona Has a Breast Cancer Scare Thanks to a Scammer

OMG! For a second there I was about to shit bricks! Since Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona alongside Sarah Drew who plays April will be exiting the show at the end of this season, I’ve been at the edge of my feet with all of the guesses of how they’ll write these two out.

So you best believe that when Arizona had that ultrasound and she believed that she had breast cancer for a hot minute, I was scared! They could NOT just have Arizona have breast cancer. After all that she’s been through. Thank goodness it was false.

Also, what the heck with that sleezy Dr. Hansen! Who profits over ruining many women’s lives by giving them the false beliefs of having breast cancer with a fake ultrasound?! How disgusting and inhumane can you be in tricking women that they have cancer just so you can make money off their exams and whatnot? I’m glad Owen got his scamming ass.

4. Richard Shares a Moment with Maggie

What we’ve been missing is some great bonding moments with these two. Yeah, we know they’ve both lived separate lives for many, many years now and not knowing about each other’s existence. But they are family, and these moments are crucial to help grow that bond and trust between these two.

When Maggie shares her story about the last few moments before her mother passed away, you can understand the relatability between these two. How instead of giving her mother the choice of doing what she wanted, Maggie took that decision for herself. Same as to what Richard is struggling with now.

He’s worried about his sponsor and the fact that he cannot accept having another one in the case that Ollie dies. We don’t want him going down that scary path, it isn’t good for anyone. Glad they were able to see eye to eye.

5. Koracick and Amelia Decide Not to Operate on Kimmie Which Angers Karev

Karev has been so invested in Kimmie’s condition, as we see how worried he is about her. We all are too. She just wants to be healthy and to be able to sing again. With the mere chance of actually being able to save her now, Karev is distressed when he hears Koracick and Amelia talk about other plans for her and letting her live out her final days with the things she wants.

They say it’s too risky and dangerous, but Karev is so adamant in making it work. Since the surgery worked on Noah, one of the other patients that had laughs as his seizures, and luckily, he finally woke up from it. We get Koracick’s concern, but haven’t they all taken so many risks this far and went with their gut? Seems like it’s only Karev that feels hopeful about it.

What did you think of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday at 8/9c on ABC

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