‘The Blacklist’ 5×18 Photos: ‘Zarak Mosadek’

In this week’s all new Blacklist, The Task Force is headed to Paris. NBC has released the photos for “Zarak Mosadek” and it looks to be an action packed hour as Red and the Task Force follow a lead on Ian Garvey. Episodes in which the team gets to leave D.C. are always really enjoyable, but nerve wracking as well as there is all manner of unpredictable variables that could put our favorites in danger.

There’s no telling what the outcome of this mission will be, but it’s not likely that the Task Force is going to catch Ian Garvey this early with a few more episodes still left in the season. Last week, Red fired back at Garvey by stealing the drug routes for his crime ring, so maybe the Task Force is going after a high level member of Garvey’s circle in order to get to him. Whatever happens, there is certainly going to be some tension between Liz and Red, as Liz is still not happy that Red cares more about keeping his secrete safe than getting revenge for Tom’s murder.

I’m with Liz on this one, I just want to know what secret is so important to Red that he’s willing to risk betraying Liz to keep it. It should be an exciting episode tonight though, and getting to see Ressler in casual clothes is always a bonus.

Read the Synopsis for ‘Zarak Mosadek’ and check out the gallery below!


In an attempt to apply pressure to Ian Garvey, Red and the Task Force head to Paris to track down a prominent heroin supplier for the Nash Syndicate. Distrustful of Red’s agenda, Liz takes her own path in going after Garvey.

The Blacklist airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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