‘SEAL Team’ 1×18 Review: “Credible Threat”

It’s a good thing SEAL Team’s on deployment for as long as they are, because getting retribution for Echo Team isn’t proving easy.

As targets are taken out, another player appears, each one a little higher than the last.

It’s also a good thing Mandy is part machine; without her, the team wouldn’t be where they are now, but I hope the part that’s machine still has a lot of juice left, because boy does she have her work cut out for her.

The episode starts with Salim Hakan as the target. One very happy, almost smug, Mandy drops a target package for Salim on Belding’s desk. It’s 300 pages, four flow charts, and two maps.

I love Mandy and her 300 pages of revenge. She didn’t need the threat on her life to make her need to take Salim out, but it definitely fueled her through God knows how many sleepless nights to get that package compiled asap.

“You’re sure of all of this?” Belding asks.
“Completely,” she replies without a hint of doubt.

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Where Mandy’s only growing stronger in her abilities, Ray’s weakening. I knew his shoulder was going to cause more problems, and we see it as he throws a football around, flexing his fingers, and favoring his injured arm. I mentioned the injury in my last review, but I should have known to have patience with this show. It’s subtle in these scenes, the little movements he makes, but by the end of the episode it’s a whole lot more serious and I wonder what this means for his future in Jalalabad.

While waiting for the op to be green-lit, the team is put on security detail. The congressional delegation that the team will be protecting arrives, introductions are done, and Davis offers beer so the team can enjoy a rare night off.

And guess who passes, as usual.

Mandy, my friend, we need to talk. I appreciate your need to keep distance between work and play, but when you live with your co-workers it mightn’t be the worst idea ever to just have a beer with them. You don’t even have to have any deep conversations or reveal anything about yourself.

Just sit. Drink.

Play a few drinking games.

Switch off for an evening.

I simultaneously love her dedication, and am concerned for her. She works too hard, doesn’t sleep enough, and eats alone.

Part of me won’t be surprised if she burns out by the end of the season.

The night off comes to an abrupt end as Mandy calls them all in with news there’s talk of plans for a sniper to hit the congressional delegation.

Clay and Davis have a rare chat about something non-work related. He admits he’s concerned Stella’s been spending too much time with one of her male colleagues. All Davis needs to do is hear the name of the guy, Gordon, to start laughing at Clay’s insecurities.

But Lisa has her own.

Because Danny’s been spending time with a woman named Tiffany. She’s his physical therapist, but Lisa’s letting her imagination get the better of her.
“It’s messed up, isn’t it, what long-distance can do to your head,” Clay says.

They make a deal to each look into the other’s problem. Lisa will research Gordon, while Clay researches Tiffany.

By the end of the episode they’ve both done this for each other, but if Lisa wasn’t honest about what she found out about Gordon, was Clay honest with Lisa about Tiffany?

Jason asks a friend to test the drill bit for him. Jason has no interest in getting a beer with him, but he says what he needs to say to keep up the pretense of friendship, to get what he needs.

It takes a lot more than one shared near-death experience to become best buddies with Jason.

Without a doubt the results will show Steve was on to something with his drilling, and I wonder if this is actually why Echo was killed – because they were seen taking samples of the dirt beneath the poppy fields?

The delegation is almost ready to hit the road; they’re waiting on the final member of their group – who just happens to be Salim.

Mandy finds the bright-side by telling Jason that Salim is unlikely to bomb a convoy he’s riding in.

Soon after, Salim “apologizes” to Mandy for his previous words to her, while throwing in a few subtle threats.

“I hope you’ll be safe here,” he says before walking away to join the convoy.

Someone needs to tell Salim that karma is a bitch.

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As we’re reminded weekly, conflict happens everywhere. On the streets of Jalalabad, in the poppy fields – and at the hospital, between Blackburn, Hayes, and the congressman. The team is here to protect the delegation, but the congressman only makes it harder by standing out in an open courtyard to speak with the media. During the press conference a sniper fires into the crowd. The team gets the congressman to safety, but one person doesn’t make it back – Salim, who’s been killed by the sniper.

While chasing after the sniper, Ray scales a fence, jarring his injured shoulder in the process.

Jason commands him to throw a frag bomb, but with his arm injured the throw is weak and he misses the target. The explosion is enough to send the sniper running from his cover, and Jason is able to take him out.

And despite Ray’s words to Jason over the radio, he’s not okay. And he better admit this soon.

After all the threats he made against her life, Mandy’s disappointed this is how Salim has been taken out. It wasn’t how she wanted it to go. But Jason reminds her it’s still a win. Salim is dead. And sends her off to get some sleep.

I’m certain Mandy doesn’t know how to sleep though, and she interrupts Jason’s make-out session with Amy (which I appreciate), to tell him the sniper’s target wasn’t the delegation, but Salim. Thanks to a text that came through on his phone, Mandy knows he completed his job, and the episode ends as Mandy pins a new unknown to the board – the head of the snake.


Overall, it was another solid episode, revealing just a little more information about all on-going story-lines while still keeping us wanting more. I’m still not loving this fling Jason’s having with Amy, but as long as it’s just a deployment thing I might accept it’s the kind of meaningless rebound he needs. What happens in Jalalabad stays in Jalalabad?

Lord, I hope so.


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