‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×19 Review: Beautiful Dreamer

Grey’s Anatomy is at it again with tackling real-life issues that are IMPORTANT. Current events do not go unnoticed on this show, no do they not.

‘Beautiful Dreamers’ is a DACA-themed episode where we find out of the doctors, Sam Bello, is a dreamer facing deportation as ICE arrives to take her away.

For what? A freaking red light! REALLY.

It’s heartbreaking to watch moments like these on TV but just imagine how this is like for so many people out there today in the United States that have to deal with being deported. That have to deal with all of this. For all those people that have been the best of dreamers that they can be only to have their whole world turned upside, just like that. Poof. It’s truly heartbreaking. For Sam, you feel for her. You really do. She’s a smart, beautiful and intelligent woman that has paved such an honorary life for herself, only for her whole reality to be something completely different from just one silly mistake.

Just when I was starting to like her, and just when she and DeLuca were getting cute together this happens. But what’s great is that an old friend saves the day, aka Christina Yang. She has a job for Sam in Switzerland now! I think this was also a send-off for Jeanine Mason’s character, because the actress has landed a lead role in the Roswell Reboot on the CW.

Anyway, I just love how this season has been a “no f’s given” season. With talking police brutality against black people, the crisis of faith and, now, to immigration/DACA, Grey’s Anatomy has been nailing it. Let’s not forget about the inclusivity we’re seeing this season!

Meanwhile, while that’s been tackled, a lot happens in ‘Beautiful Disaster’ as well. The concept of children has glided its way around this episode. Karev struggles to let Kimmie go given the fact that her surgery will be all kinds of complications, April seeing Matthew again with his newborn and figuring out what’s wrong with her, to Owen stepping up for himself and adopting!

Just lots!

I love how Alex has such a passion for his patients. He will make an excellent, caring father. This man has always had the soft spot for kids. I wonder if they’ll get Jo pregnant come the season finale?

As for April, she’s on her way back to her old self, that’s for sure. But seeing her see Matthew so broken can’t be easy for her. I’ve come with another guess on how April might be written out of the show. I’m thinking the writers might find some way to bring these two back together. Start over? He seems okay around her. They were happy together once, though.

Speaking of happy, maybe it’s finally time we get to see Owen happy! My heart. He went in it 100%. This man has always wanted a kid. He couldn’t get it from Cristina nor Amelia (which was fine), but now he’s deciding to choose himself and attain that life-long passion he’s had. He’s adopting and I smiled! Let’s hope it goes well.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts:

  • Jackson and Maggie. They did THAT. Ah.
  • Maggie overreacting over Jackson was a tad bit annoying. But she’s always been quirky and awkward so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Richard crying over Olive. Let those tears flow, won’t you!
  • Okay, Catherine is hiding something and we all wanna know what it is. What’s going to ruin you & Richard?!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts with us below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

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