‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×20 Review: Let’s All Get High

I love laughing. Don’t you love laughing?

Grey’s Anatomy hits us with a weed-themed episode as a handful of Grey Sloan Memorial Attendees are forced to take the day off because they are high as a bird. I guess this episode was purposely meant to bring in ‘420’ – a day celebrated as the day of consumption of cannabis. I mean, way to get creative ya know? This season has been venturing off to many different themes, it’s actually been interesting┬áto see how it’s all been executed.

We all know, when you’re high, you’re not you. Or maybe you are. A very laid back and care-free you, I suppose. It was funny to watch the doctors experience┬áthis change in themselves all in a different way. A day to de-stress and talk nonsense seems about normal, right? It’s amusing to see how everything about you is different when you’re high.

I would say the funniest ones that were high in this episode were April and Bailey. I cackled one too many times during their scenes. They were enjoying some downtime together on that couch followed by making up the instrumentals of funeral music.

However, as things are looking to be very laid back for some of them, we learn some disturbing news about the late Harper Avery. Aka the wealthy man with the top notch hospitals and who is also Jackon’s grandfather. Avery was a sexual predator back then where he was accused by 13 women that were then later forced to keep it quiet and were paid off, which involved Catherine.

I know the man is already dead, but like I already disliked him when we first saw him on screen for his inappropriate and rude personality, but now, learning that he did worse things really leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It’s saddening to see how his reputation was all such a facade and now, everything that’s associated with his name will be tarnished. Especially those Harper Avery awards that our Meredith was so happy to receive.

Ah, scandalous. Too scandalous.

It’s annoying to know that award won’t have the same value as it did for everything. Meredith worked so hard for it, and it was also shocking to find out that her mother knew about it too and Marie Cerrone was one of the women that were sexually assaulted by him, which was the reason why her mother didn’t include her on her, or shall I say their research. This story is just coming out now so we’ll see how it’ll unfold in the episodes to come. Something tells me it’s not going to be good.

At first, I was skeptical of Catherine in the way that she described it all to Jackson, but then she brought up many points as to why back then, standing up for yourself and using your voice was extremely hard to do. The least she could do was pay them off for their silence. Sometimes Jackson likes to jump to conclusions so fast, like dang boy! Listen to your mother thoroughly. I feel like this has happened between them one too many times. This time, their both high so the interactions might seem a bit different.

Another high doctor that was hilarious was Karev. This guy was acting like a kid this whole time. Amelia brings him along to Owen’s and he’s just in his own world. Oh, speaking of Owen, he’s fostering a baby boy! Seeing him so nervous about it was cute to watch but you can tell he’s excited for this new step in his life. I hope he continues on fostering the baby. He’s always wanted a kid and it’s actually nice of Amelia to help out. She seems like she wants to be his friend now, and that’s totally fine.

Oh yes, I’d just like to applaud Jo during the surgery. That was a time for her to shine, to be honest. I loved it.

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Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/8c on ABC.

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