‘The Fandom’ By Anna Day Optioned For Television

The Fandom has been optioned for television.

What is The Fandom? Well, it’s a book by Anna Day. The book centers around a girl named Violet, who is a devoted part of the fandom for the dystopian book, The Gallows Dance. After an accident happens at Comic-Con, Violet and her friends find themselves trapped in the world of The Gallows Dance. Now as if that isn’t bad enough, they accidentally kill the books protagonist, so Violet must assume that role in order to survive.

Now – if we’re getting trapped in a dystopian world, there better be someone that looks like Four in there.

The book was optioned for television in a first look deal for The Golden Compass producer Ileen Maisel.

Don’t worry – you haven’t missed the book, it’s due to release April 24, 2018. Will you be picking it up?

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