Trouble In Paradise: ‘The 100″ Showrunner Previews Season 5

The Season 5 premiere of The 100 is around the corner. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg gave some hints of what to expect at the Wondercon 2018 press room in March.

Q: You titled the first episode Eden but it doesn’t quite look like Eden to my mind. Why would you describe it that way?

Jason Rothenberg: Well, have you seen any of the (images of) Clarke standing in front of the valley ,and it’s green and beautiful? Yeah, it’s beautiful. That’s why. The truth is, my daughter’s name is Eden and I named it after my daughter.

Eden was the first biblical garden and this is the last, theoretically, if they don’t protect this last valley, then the earth is gonna be no more and it’s either the last or the first. It’s a chance for the world to come back, if the characters can find a way to live there in peace. And that’ll be difficult. The peace part is the hard part.

Q: What’s the biggest obstacle? Why can’t they all just agree to get along?

JR: You know, writing. (Laughter around the table.) I think, unfortunately, it’s human nature on a lot of levels to sort of circle the wagons and protect your people. And that’s been the theme of the show since the beginning.

The first contact as it were between Clarke and the prisoners, sort of necessitates the conflict. Unfortunately. Clarke is not rushing in there saying let’s make peace and let’s exchange stories… she’s trying to figure out who they are, what they want, why they’re here, are they dangerous, can we work together. And then something happens which sort of sets off her maternal instinct, and the rest is, you don’t want to make Mama Bear mad.

“The 100” 5×01 “Eden.” Source: The CW

Q: (Are) there going be details about the prison transport? Where is it going?

JR: Well, the prisoners… Eligius is a mining company and there were four Elegius missions that we know about that we’ll learn about in the show.

Q: Mining in space?

JR:  (They’re) mining something called mitholodium on an asteroid called Proxima Six. They have cryosleep, it’s a long duration space mission, and something happened out there that we will learn about, and they kind of took over. The prisoners took over the ship and they’ve returned, expecting to find a world that wouldn’t let them home because they were prisoners, after all. So they had a plan for that. But it’s an unnecessary plan as it turns out because there’s no people left.

Q: So you don’t find any chance of levity at all in the series, in the season?

JR: Levity? Well, there’s some levity, I think everything needs to have some lightness in it but it’s a tragedy, it’s a dark show for sure. Things get pretty dark pretty quickly once the battle for Eden starts to feel like it’s inevitable.

Season 5 of The 100 premieres Tuesday, April 24 at 9 p.m./8 p.m. Central on The CW.

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