‘Blindspot’ 3×19: Sneak peeks & Spoilers

There are only a few hours left to enjoy a new Blindspot episode! There is nothing left but to liven up the wait, here are the 3×19 sneak peeks and new information about the remaining episodes of this wonderful season of our favorite series. Here we go!


Here are the two sneak peeks of this promising episode!


In this first one, Avery is talking to Jane. She has an internal dilemma, is angry with her father but, in the end, only sees her father. Just remembers good moments with him … memories that have been ruined knowing his true story. All her childhood. Avery is a little defeated and impatient because everything ends, Jane supports her as she can but realizes that she feels really bad and that being alone in a house guarded by the FBI, far from her family is not the best solution.


And that brings us to the second advance that is … A JELLER SCENE! Really adorable. Jane explains Avery’s situation and asks Kurt to get Avery live with them. He just smiles and says, without hesitation, yes. Jane has just asked him to formalize their family, to form it definitively. That’s what he’s always wanted, of course he’s told Jane that yes, he was willing to ask her. Kurt’s smile has lit everything around him, including my heart. God, what preciousness !.


Thanks to TVLine we have more information about the message – “One of us will give our …” – that the titles of Blindspot episodes form once they join. On this, Martin Gero – executive producer of Blindspot – confirms that we can expect something fatal to happen in the last episodes of the season. And I’m afraid of what it might be. Gero says:

“I will say that people have read correctly into the meaning that’s hidden in the titles.”

Do you think that someone can die? And, in that case, who do you think it would be?

Again Thanks to TVLine we know something more about what we should expect in these last episodes of the season.

Before the final, great surprises await us in the final stages of Season 3. Martin gero said:

“Payoff after payoff after payoff” for viewers, all of which will bring Roman’s standoff with the FBI to a dramatic climax. Even though Roman has technically chosen a life with Blake and Crawford, “he’s still created this entire plan to take them down that involves the FBI team,” Gero teases. “He’s suddenly at odds with the fact that these tattoos he’s created are going to dismantle and go after the people that he loves.” OMG! His declining health, which will become a major plot point in the season’s final installments. Gero says: “He’s definitely not well.”

About the season finale, Gero confirms the Season 3 closer will take place in South Africa, a place that holds great significance for two major characters and coments:

“Any frequent viewer will realize how important South Africa is for the show, and how important it is to Jane and Roman particularly. There won’t be a lot of loose threads here at the end of the season.”

Are you interested in the new information revealed? Do you have as much desire as we do to see the Jeller’s date? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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