SEAL Team 1×19 “Takedown” Review

There’s a whole lot of deception in this week’s episode of SEAL Team, Takedown, and I’m none too pleased about any of it.

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Ray Perry, we need to talk.

Your shoulder injury can no longer be ignored. A ten-year-old boy is dead because of how it affected your throw.

You. are. injured. It is costing lives.


I adore you, Ray, and this is why I need you benched. I need you to sit out the rest of deployment.

You think you can make it through to the end? At what cost?

But I understand Naima not wanting you to speak up. You waited too long. You went on deployment knowing your shoulder was injured, knowing it could become an issue.

I don’t see this investigation into the child’s death going in your favour at all. How can it?

The closer we get to the end of this season, the more I worry about Ray and how his decision to go on deployment with his injured shoulder will further affect him, the team, and the lives of those caught in between.

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Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. You had the opportunity here to make a friend.

In playing Mulwray, by feeding him misinformation that he published, for the good of the mission, you’ve lost the trust you were just starting to build with him.


Mulwray: “You could have used another reporter.”

Mandy: “Well I used you.”

Mulwray: “To publish your lie.”

Mandy: “There’s that word again.”

Mulwray: “What do you call it?”

Mandy: “My job.”

Mulwray: “What about my job?”


I didn’t trust this guy much at first, and perhaps I’m just being sucked in here, but I trust him now.

“I feel sorry for you,” he tells her before he walks away, because he gets it now. He sees what she’s like, how her work-related drive negates everything else in her life.

And the more I watch Jason and Mandy interact, especially in one of their final scenes together, the more I won’t be at all surprised if the writers start pushing those hints of chemistry.

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I clearly have trust issues, because I was wary of Stella at first, wary of Mulwray, but I feel like my suspicions about Amy, at least, were right.

I almost bought her innocent act, how she swore to Jason she didn’t know why her tests on the drill had come back as normal dirt when the traces on the piece actually held rare earth metals. Her face though, after Jason made his accusations about her, her boss, screams concern. Is it concern that Jason’s on to her, or concern that her boss is up to more than she realizes? Just how much does Amy actually know?

Thanks to a cash drop, the team is able to take down Hamid Gul Baladur. He’s one of their biggest fish. SEAL Team brings the tension as Jason attempts to take him down without Baladur setting off his S-Vest. Taking down an S-Vest wearing baddie is a three-man job, and lucky for Jason he gets some help from his team before it all goes south. They haul him in for Mandy to take a crack at.

“You think you know what you are fighting here, but believe me, you don’t,” Baladur tells her.

His words unsettle her and she lets it show, demanding he tells her, “What does that mean?”

She gets in one parting shot, letting him know he won’t be getting out of this confinement any time soon, and it appears to unsettle him in return. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next few episodes, as he either cracks and gives them the information they need or winds up dead at his own hands.

The death of Echo Team feels like it was such a long time ago now. Bravo is inching forward in its mission to bring down those responsible, and yet so much has happened since they started their deployment.

With only a few episodes left, will we get any resolution this season, or end on a cliffhanger that will keep us wondering all summer?

Is Amy as untrustworthy as she seems? Will Ray come clean? And will Mandy actually take a step back from work for just a second to allow herself to be a little bit human for a change?

SEAL Team airs Wednesdays, 9/8c on CBS.

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