‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×21 Review: Bad Reputation

We all want to change our story, at some point in time. Especially when it’s something you’ve had to deal with most of your life.

As Grey Sloan Memorial is being shaken amidst the news about Harper Avery’s atrocious past, Catherine and Jackson must come up with an idea to smooth this mess by looking at their next viable options. It’s a reputation on the line now, so anything can go weary at this point.

This episode does well in crafting this story-line and it pays tribute to fight for countless women that have had to go through this in their lives, that have had to endure the pain of going through such trauma with no helping hand by their side to vouch for them. Especially not during Catherine’s time.

It was annoying to watch Erin, the crisis management expert, advise that they go after the women that decided to finally speak out. No, you don’t do that. They are voicing their truths and have been hushed for too long. Just to save one’s reputation, while putting other’s lives on the line? That’s not right. Not only that, but this puts Catherine in the position where she’s going to have to take the blame for it, and she even offers to be at the forefront so it can be handled.

However, at that moment, when Jackson says there is “no way a black woman will take the fall for an old white guy.” I felt the same way. PREACH! There is absolutely no need for Catherine to take the fall for his grandfather, someone that isn’t even her father. The only way she shares the last name is because she’s been married into it. So rightfully, it’s time Catherine goes back to Catherine Fox. The statement Jackson and Meredith came up with was perfectly written, which gives Catherine the opportunity to shine and own her own power.

Catherine Fox Foundation. I like the sound of that!

Meanwhile, as Jo and Karev are in the midst of attempting to plan a wedding, we are hit with one of Karev’s mood swings. This time, he holds it out for the whole day, making Jo curious as to why he’s acting that way. We’ll get to that in a minute but during all of that, someone from Karev’s past shows up to the hospital. It’s Nurse Olivia.

When the news was first announced they she would be making an appearance on this show again with a KID, my instincts rushed to the idea of that kid might actually be Karev’s. That way, they’ll try to bring another rift into Jo and Karev’s relationship. I was not having that. I’m SO glad the writers didn’t take that route, so glad. Because to me, that’s a form of weak writing. Many shows take on that type of twist when they want to ruin a perfectly going relationship because ‘surprise surprise they have a kid’!

Hopefully we don’t see Olivia anymore. Also, did she forget she passed on that syphilis to George, too? She has been way too rude to Karev, but I guess she wanted to relieve some anger. Bye bye, Olivia!

Speaking of a kid, Owen is doing awesome at this fostering a kid thing. He’s working hard at it and as much as he is serious and is respected at his job, seeing him being protective and caring for baby Leo is so swoon-worthy. He’s truly making that effort and we all see that, Owen. We really do.

I didn’t think Amelia would be this helpful with his situation and having Leo’s birth mother at the hospital, but it looks like now she’s found her purpose to do something great as well. She wants to help foster Betty because she’s a teen drug user and Amelia has had her fair share of experience down that road. This is a creative way to give back, especially to someone that’s only so young. Let’s see how this goes as Betty moves into Owen’s home too.

Continuing on Karev’s deal as to why he’s been off all day, it’s not because he’s broke. He has more than enough money. But when he realizes the money he’s been sending to his mother never got checked, he goes into the worst possible fear that his mother might actually be dead. Or in a ditch somewhere. Karev’s heart is full of love, he’s just not one to show it but seeing him so worried about her, ah, made me sad. I hope we don’t find out that she’s actually dead. No more tragedies for Karev.

Other thoughts:

  • I knew I would dislike Dr. Vik Roy from the start. He has the audacity to sue the hospital because his reckless ass thought it would be cool to continue on working with patients when he knew he had digested those weed cookies. All the other doctors took that day off to not practice. Ughhh.
  • Only three more episodes left until it’s no more April and Arizona.

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Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

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