‘The Blacklist’ 5×20 Photos: ‘Nicholas T. Moore’

NBC has released the photos for tonight’s all new Blacklist ‘Nicholas T. Moore’ and as we saw in the trailer last week, Samar is going to get kidnapped. We still don’t know why, but needless to say we’re finally going to get to see Aram out in the field again, and as we’ve seen before if he gets pushed far enough his tough side comes out. I wouldn’t want to be standing in his way if Samar was at risk.

It looks like there’s also going to be a focus on the continuing hunt for Red’s secret as there is no way Liz is giving up on this one. She’s not going to stop until she finds out exactly what he’s hiding. Especially now that Ian Garvey is dead and she never really got the chance to make him pay for Tom’s death. The relationship between Red and Liz has had its ups and downs with some major strain being placed on it at some points, but to me it feels like the tension has never been higher. Red deliberately kept her from bringing Garvey to justice for Tom’s murder in order to protect his secret, and the fall out from that isn’t going to be pretty now that Garvey is dead.

I’m just happy to be getting back to focusing on other members of the Task Force and actual blacklisters instead of all the drama between Red and Liz about Ian Garvey. There’s sure to be more of that as the end of the season has to finish out that story and we’re only two episodes away from the finale, and I really do want to find out what Red’s secret is. I just wish they would hurry up and tell us already.

I’m also really interested to see the dynamic between Aram and Ressler in this episode when it comes to rescuing Samar. They both know that she can take care of herself, but they both care about her deeply. Aram cares about her in a romantic way, and Ressler cares about her as his FBI partner. Whenever they are sent out on a case (that is after Liz had to go on the run and couldn’t be his partner anymore) Ressler and Samar always work together, and they’ve developed a strong bond because of it. There was that whole thing about Samar sleeping with Ressler and stealing information off his laptop to help Liz when she was on the run that really drove a wedge between them, but they’ve kind of gotten over that and never stopped caring about one another.

I for one am just excited to see Aram let loose on Samar’s kidnappers, because he’ll be coming at them with no hesitation.

Read the synopsis for “Nicholas T. Moore” and check out the gallery below.

The Blacklist airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.


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