‘Timeless’ 2×08 Advance Review: “The Day Reagan Was Shot”

Sometimes it feels like me saying oh, this episode of Timeless is emotional, is like stating the obvious. All episodes of Timeless are emotional, and they usually manage to be so in vastly different ways, which is one of the greatest strengths of this show. At any given point, you can be feeling one of a whole range of emotions.

This episode is emotional. For anyone who’s ever lost a loved one, for anyone who’s ever had to grapple with what you’d do if you had just one more minute, for anyone who’s ever had to contend with expectations and still find a way to define themselves, this episode is going to hit close to home.

But, as always, that’s not all this episode is, as we get some more clues as to an endgame for the season that still seems very cloudy, at best, and a shock or two for our favorite characters. So let’s tease some things about “The Day Reagan Was Shot” and just a warning, before we do. That chocolate you’ve been saving?

This might be the time to eat it. This is that episode. Not alcohol, chocolate.

Here are some other teases:

  • If you didn’t love Denise Christopher before (no, really, why didn’t you?), then you will after this episode.
  • We finally get some answers about the diary. It’s just that, this being Timeless, our answers just leave us with more questions. See why we need a Season 3, NBC?
  • Lucy and Jiya have to get creative with their cover story in this episode, which results in one of the most hilarious scenes ever.
  • What would you be willing to do to preserve the present you know? Our team grapples with this question and boy, the answer seems to be a whole lot.
  • Pay attention to the sleeper, because this person’s story ties into something that’s going on in the present.
  • Some people are just too old to make the trip this week. Oh, well. The perils of life experience.
  • Flynn and Agent Christopher have a really touching scene. YES, I KNOW. I was shocked too.
  • This episode features my favorite Riya scene ever.
  • And if you extrapolate from that scene, you could sort of see where Timeless Season 3 is probably gonna go. If (when, damnit it, when) we get it.
  • Wyatt pulls some Chuck Norris crap.
  • Wyatt is Wyatt. Rufus is Rufus. This, of course, means they disagree about how to handle a situation.
  • When you despair, just remember, math is your friend.

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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