SEAL Team 1×20 “Enemy of my Enemy” Review

SEAL Team reminds us this week not only of the fragility of life, but also of relationships, and how in the middle of war both can be difficult to hold on to.

Davis hasn’t heard from Danny in a week and she mentions this to Sonny. Sonny, being the mostly good (but sometimes morally grey) guy that he is, offers to send Tyler to make sure Danny’s all good. Davis isn’t just concerned about his health though, as we saw for the first time a few episodes back when she became concerned he was spending too much time with his female PT. And those same concerns still rattling around in her brain are also plaguing Clay. Clay has been struggling to connect with Stella recently. Moments when they did previously connect, they fought. Now he has to be content with watching a recorded message instead of skyping live. This only adds to his fears she’s seeing someone else while he’s away.

Relationships are hard at the best of times. Deployment makes Clay and Davis feel like their significant other is slipping from their grasp.

Later on, Clay suggests a solution to that. While they discuss their difficulties connecting with their partner, Clay ponders if it would be easier to just date someone who understands the life of a Navy SEAL.

Oh, HELLO. Clay, did you just suggest you and Lisa hook up??

It’s awkward, and the conversation ends there, but I don’t hate the idea of Lisa and Clay. Not even a little bit.

Jason goes to Mandy to get some background on Cutter, and while she’s not ready yet to connect Cutter to Echo Team death like Jason is, she’ll listen if he gets something concrete.

“In the meantime, watch out for Cutter,” she suggests. Mandy should heed her own warnings about people. She needs permission to go to Karachi, so she’s off to try and make that happen. Just her and her driver in the streets of Jalalabad. Yeah, this won’t go south at all…

Not content to sit around and do nothing, Jason goes to speak with Cutter. Cutter knew, of course, that there was lanthanum on the drills and beneath the soil.

Cutter claims there’s merely trace amounts, no great river of the metal running beneath the poppy fields. But Steve knew this. He knew there was lanthanum. Amy knew Steve knew – and it’s getting rather messy for Amy all of a sudden.

Speaking of people who know things, Davis knows about Ray’s injured shoulder. She’s seen the video of him throwing the frag, seen how the action hurt him. She calls him on it.

“I just want you know that footage will never see the light of day. They can have everything else but they can’t have that.”
“You’d do that for me?” Ray asks.
“In a heartbeat,” Davis promises.

But Ray won’t let her get into trouble over this. He tells her to send the tape. He did this, so he’ll deal with the consequences.

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On the mean streets of JBad, Mandy’s car is stopped and she is abducted by Nouri Halani’s brother. He claims to need her help. He claims to want to help Bravo kill his brother, Nouri. Mandy gives him the ear he wants and she and her driver are set free, but it’s a bit of a wake-up call for Mandy. She’s unnerved by the encounter. Shaken. Later, back at the base, her voice lacks its usual strength and wavers as she gives the briefing. She’s used to interrogating people in the safety of the rooms on base where she has control of the situation. But snatched from a car, she must suddenly have every case, that’s ever passed her desk, of an American who didn’t survive such an encounter running on repeat through her mind.

Finally, Ray chooses honesty and in his meeting with the case officer admits, “I hurt my arm, my shoulder, that’s why the grenade went wide. I couldn’t hold onto it.”
“I see, well I’ll make a note of that,”
Jacobs replies.
“I don’t think you understand, Sargent Jacobs. That’s why the boy died, because of my injury.”

Ray finally comes clean. He’s prepared to take full responsibility.

Sargent Jacobs is flippant in his response, as though he’s not bothered by what Ray’s telling him, and Ray notices.

“With all due respect a boy is dead.”

“Fortunes of war, senior chief,” Jacobs replies, and it becomes obvious this isn’t about being bothered or not, but is instead about the bigger picture.

“But I expect you know what better than me.”

I adore Ray, but this cannot be the end of this. It cannot be swept away so easily.

After her encounter, Mandy is feeling the fragility of life, and as Bravo heads off to take down Halani there’s an uneasiness within her. We all feel her apprehension about the mission as she watches the men leave, and it’s some heavy foreshadowing.

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With TOC watching their progress, Bravo and Charlie teams inch closer to their target, without the cover of night and while surrounded by civilians.

They breach a door and enter a building, taking out men as they move, in another of SEAL Team’s tense action scenes that they do so well. Halani uses doubles to evade capture, making Bravo’s job just a bit harder.

But Jason positively IDs Halani, and in the compound he interrogates him on Echo and Cutter. Before he can get any real information, however, it’s cut short.

With several dozen hostiles approaching, Bravo needs to exfil immediately.

The teams run to the helos and in a dramatic, nail-biting scene they lift off while taking fire. Just when it seems we can breathe again (and Jason loosens his helmet), a missile is launched at the helos.

There is no way everyone survived that crash…

SEAL Team airs Wednesdays, 9/8c on CBS.

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