‘Siren’ 1×07 Review: “Dead In the Water”

Hello and welcome back Siren fans! This week we got some backstory on Maddie, Ryn got questioned by the police, and Ben, Xander and stupid Chris went on a hunt – er um quest – for Donna. Ryn took a little bit of a backseat this week as other characters came into the forefront but it was still a pretty good episode. Chris didn’t die, but one can dream. Lets D I V E in shall we?

Ryn gets picked up by the smart cop, and taken back to the police station, where she encounters Maddie’s dad. I know why everyone thinks she’s on drugs when she is angry. Ryn is feral at times and she wraiths and hisses and is hella strong when she feels trapped.  Ryn is still handcuffed and pissed she didn’t go after Donna, and she tries to bust down those bars in lock up just to prove a point. Smart cop quips to Maddie’s dad, “I caught her trying to skinny dip, what ever she’s on is very strong sir” Oh smart cop, you have no idea what you just did.

Elsewhere in BC, Xander, Ben, Xanders’ pops, and stupid Chris decide to go on a mermaid hunt for Donna. Ben decides they should be sea lions and hang back a bit so the Navy doesn’t spot them and start attacking them. I honestly wonder what the hell their plan is sometimes once they save the mermaids?  Like open a mermaid zoo? Or a mermaid sanctuary? Helen will be the CEO of Mermaid House, a place where mermaids can live out their days peacefully.

Back in the interrogation room Ryn is being questioned by Maddie’s dad and he shows her pictures of a dead man (ep 1) and asks her who did this to him? Ryn says she did! Maddie’s dad doesn’t believe her and says, he’s a big man and you are a small girl, who helped you? Ryn says, Ben and Maddie. Ruh Roe! Maddie gets called into to the police station and her dad is not pleased with all the secrets she’s been keeping lately.

Back on the boat, the boys squabble because Chris doesn’t believe in mermaids and he wants to know why Ben is suddenly on board with helping Xander. Chris… why are you even here, man? If the boat capsized and you drowned, I would not be sad at all. I don’t understand how they cultivated your character in the writers’ room. Next time you are almost murdered in a sketchy hospital I hope it actually happens. END OF CHRIS RANT, for now.

Get this guys, Xander’s dad knows all about mermaids (also he and Helen look related) he knew that they had caught a mermaid the night Chris was attacked and airlifted back to the navy hospital.  He wants to know why the Navy is so interested in mermaids. Us too, Xander’s dad!  A storm hits and their boat runs right into the Navy’s.  When they go aboard they find nothing but blood smeared everywhere and smashed equipment. Chris looks scared and they arm themselves with harpoons cuz you know, how else do you catch a mermaid.  The navy has much better equipment on board to catch mermaids, or so they thought, cuz obviously they don’t or they wouldn’t all be DEAD.  Chris comes across a Unicorn sphere OR a Narwhal horn covered in fresh blood!  Guys, the horn looks mystical and hella cool!  Ben says ” We need to get off this boat now!”  So true Ben, you really do.  Its too late though because Donna is pissed off and hopped aboard your ship!  All of a sudden it’s  Halloween on the water ya’ll! And Donna is Michael Myers.

The power goes out on the ship and fog encases the deck. Mermaids like to hunt in the dark. Unicorn horns start flying at the boat from every angle and man those mermaids throw a horn like a wide receiver! Its pretty bad ass, and lets me know there really are more than just Ryn and Donna out there. The boat is being badly damaged and it starts to leak water in the hull. Ben and stupid Chris get chased by a Merman! Yay! I’ve been wanting to see one all season! He looks like a cross between Vison and Aquaman and I immediately want to see more of him in future episodes.  The boys are no match for merman’s strength and Donna starts to sing for Chris and he drops his weapon. Ben and Xander are able to corner merman and trap him, in one of the coolers aboard the ship. They head upstairs to save Chris because everyone knows he’s dumb. Ben lowers a fishing net full of supplies onto Donna and knocks her overboard thus breaking her trance over Chris. The merman breaks out of the cooler, homeboy is freaking strong!  Xander is disappointed because all he wanted to do was prove mermaids exist! What he doesn’t know is the merman just stabbed his dad through the chest with his Unicorn horn.  Xander’s dad dies and they all agree to dump his body overboard and say he drowned because otherwise no one will believe their story.  It kinda sucks.

At the police station Maddie and her dad have a heart to heart, sorta. Maddie tells him there are just some things she can’t tell him. He asks her about Ryn and she buckles. Maddie is allowed to see Ryn and tells her that she can trust her father, he is a good man. Ryn tells Maddie that Ben is in danger because Donna vowed to kill all the bad men in the water. Maddie says she needs to warn Ben and tells Ryn that they have to tell her father she is a mermaid or he will never let her go. Maddie has her dad bring her some ocean water, and she pours it on Ryns hands, he watches in disbelief as Ryn’s hand turns back into that of a Siren. Maddie’s dad agrees to let Ryn go home with Maddie and tells smart cop to leave Ryn alone. The episode ends with Maddie and her dad reconciling over coffee and the Navy saying they “underestimated the mammals”.


  • Why/How is Chris STILL ALIVE?
  • How many more mermen are there?
  • Donna needs to calm down, she can’t kill EVERYONE
  • I missed Helen this episode
  • Is Helen married to Xander’s dad?
  • Maddie’s dad is going to be a great ally for the team
  • Smart cop is going to start working with the Navy
  • Ryn should take Baddie and Helen to mermaid land/Isle/dimension? I’m not really sure what to call it
  • The coffee shop where Maddie eats with her dad looks oddly familiar to that of “The Secret Circle” coffee shop remember that show?
  • I still wanna road trip to BC

Siren airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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