‘Malificent 2’: Princess Aurora’s Love Interest Has Been Cast

It wasn’t that Malificent was a great movie – because if we’re all going to be honest with each other, we know it wasn’t. It was mediocre at best. But that’s fine. That’s life. We’re not shocked though that there is a second one coming – because that’s what you expect to get from Disney.

And if we’re being completely honest – we’ll watch the shit out of it.

Elle Fanning will be returning to the sequel as Princess Aurora. No shocker – she’s growing up – and since that is happening – she’s going to need a love interest, because that’s the way Disney movies work.

According to Variety, they have found her Prince. Harris Dickinson (FX’s TrustBeach Rats – but also The Darkest Minds which is the only thing we care about) has been tapped to take over the role that was originated by Brenton Thwaites. Thwaites was cast on the TV show Titans, where he plays Dick Grayson/Robin, he was unable to return for the role due to scheduling conflicts.

Are you looking forward to Malificent 2?

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