‘The Rook’ Reminds Us What Solid Casting Is

You know us – everything in our hearts leads back to Twilight. It was our first fandom and we respect it. But loving Twilight, in turn means that we follow anything that Stephenie Meyer does.

She’s one of our writing godesses. We make no excuses and don’t care what people think of it. You can judge us if you want – we’re happy to judge right back.

Maybe it’s that reason that we’re excited for The Rook. Well that and it’s an amazing book and it’s going to be on Starz. You get our point, right? It’s like a trifecta of good shit.

And now it’s getting even better because they are taking the casting seriously and not just fluffing shit up. Sure, there are pretty faces, but solid actors that we love. Wait – love is a strong word. Solid actors that we don’t loathe and think slept their way to the top.

Emma Greenwell has been cast as the lead, Myfanwy (don’t ask us how to pronounce that, because we haven’t a clue) in the series. Her character is a young woman who wakes up in London and has no memory of how she got there (we’d like to state for the record, that has happened to one of us on this site and when we looked at our iPhone pics there was some evidence there of how – so Myfanwy girl, don’t look at pics. It can be like WTF did I do?). All she does know is that there are some paranormal creatures following her.

Girl can’t catch a break. Officially it says she,  “must fight to uncover her past and resume her position within Britain’s secret service, the Checquy, before the traitors who stole her memory can finish what they started.”

We know, we know – it sounds a little ridiculous. But the book is actually really good, so we’re about it.

She wasn’t the only person cast. Olivia Munn (who we’re forgiving for dating Aaron Rodgers – and I say that because I am not allowed to like the Packers. Apparently you don’t do that if you are a Bears fan – which I am not – but I am by default, cause you have to support the friends when they like sports. Go sports!) has also been cast. She’ll be playing, “a bold American intelligence officer with subtle supernatural powers who crashes into the Checquy investigation of her former lover’s death.” So here’s the thing – if she’s running in heels – cause she probably will – will we make a stink like the people did over Jurassic Park? Probably. Cause we’ll be the ones to say it – that shit makes no sense.

Sensible shoes for the win.

Joely Richardson also joined the cast as Lady Farrier, the Checquy leader. She also is Myfanwy’s mentor, a job she apparently sucked at cause she didn’t stop her from loosing her memory. But Joely’s a good actress, even if she made bad choices by attaching herself to Vampire Academy. Lord, we went there and yes, we stand by it. But if we were able to forgive Zoey Deutch for that mistake, we’ll forgive Joely.

You can totally see by all these castings that they are actually taking this seriously. Which we applaud. Someone needs to talk to the casting director of Shadowhunters and train them on how to really cast a show.

Other people were added to the cast also – but we don’t know who they are. Like – I mean we know the names – but have no idea who they are as actors. Hopefully they’ll make an impression on us and we won’t have to turn hate to this show. Adrian Lester will play Conrad Grantchester, Ronan Raftery, Catherine Steadman and Jon Fletcher  will play Gestalt siblings Robert, Eliza and twins Teddy and Alex, respectively. If you know who they are – two points to your house.

Oops wrong fandom. There are no houses in Twilight. Ok – so like the Volturi won’t feed on you if you know who those people are (though personally if Jamie Campbell Bower wants to take a bite out of me… never mind. We have young readers).

The Rook is currently in production in London.


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