‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×23 Review: Cold as Ice

One sec, let me wipe away these ugly crying tears.


I’m back.

Phew. This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy sure did play a number on us. I know it did for me. As Season 14 is gearing towards its end, we are also at the point where we’re getting closer to saying goodbye to April Kepner and Arizona Robbins. But as the promo for ‘Cold as Ice’ had us all nervous as heck about the fate of April, going into the episode I really didn’t know what to expect. But I knew one thing: they weren’t going to kill her off. It was, however, definitely an emotional episode.

April’s Accident

So before we get into the horror of what happened, turns out April and Matthew have been seeing each other again. I predicted this would happen, so I’m glad. Maybe they didn’t want to show us on screen how they got back together because of the time constraints of the season, but nonetheless, I approve.

Okay, so, back to the pain. As April goes into full-on hypothermia, her friends around her stop at nothing to get her breathing again, and from the moment she was rushed to the hospital, my heart couldn’t take it. The way Meredith took it upon herself to be the powerhouse for the team to keep strong and focused to revive April is noteworthy. Meredith has been through it all, she has gone through so much pain, and the way she keeps herself grounded at first is one of her many strong suits.

The way everyone is working effortlessly to save April, it…it really warms your heart. She’s their friend, their colleague, so of course it has an emotional toll on them, but how they carry themselves to bring her back, that was excellent in my eyes.

As far as Jackson goes, I think it was a good call on Meredith to not have him know since he was already operating on a patient. Though the concerned person that Maggie is, her first call was to go tell him and the fact that she didn’t is a good thing, because they needed her ASAP.

Jackson’s Saving Grace

Here, here come the real waterworks. When Jackson finally finds out about April, the rush of emotions that goes through him, wow, I can only imagine how that must have felt like. Can I just give a round of applause to Jesse Willams’ stellar performance in this one? Those tears he let out, those man tears, I can’t even. Jackson loves April so much. It’s not in the romantic kind of way, not anymore. But in the most compassionate kind of way. He has so much respect for her, she’s the mother of his child and he has always had that sense of affection towards her. You can see it all in his eyes, you can see all those years he’s known her and loved her flash before his eyes.

The eye-opening moment in this episode has to be when Jackson puts his guard down and does the one thing he never believed he would do, but for April and for that moment, he let it all go.

He prays. He makes himself believe.

“I will, I will believe in you okay. I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll do anything…don’t take her away, okay.”

This is the first time we see Jackson in this state because it is known that he is not one to be spiritual and to believe in God. He just wants her to be okay, so much. April Kepner, you’ve wrecked us all.

Arizona’s Future

As Arizona decides to move to New York for Sophia, you can already tell that breaking the news to her colleagues is beginning to get really hard. The minute she tells Bailey, and her response to it becomes emotional, way too fast. But as a familiar face, Dr. Herman, makes an appearance the possible fate of Arizona’s future comes into play. The last time we saw Dr. Herman was when she had this deadly tumor that Amelia worked to remove, which later causes Dr. Herman to lose her eyesight.

The dynamic between Dr. Herman and Arizona is definitely a teacher vs student one. When Herman tells Arizona she got a grant and wants to open a center, everything clicks. She’s going to have the opportunity to work with her somewhere new. It basically seals Arizona’s fate and you know it’s a relief for us all because Arizona Robbins is going to get the happy ending she deserves. She can still continue on with fetal surgery, the specialty she most certainly thrives on.

‘Cold as Ice’ delivers one heck of an episode and pretty much sets things in motion for the finale next week. Jo and Alex are going to get married and I could use some joy. But it is a finale, and Ellen Pompeo did warn us that the finale is “not easy”. So, we’ll have to stay strong for this one now.

Other thoughts:

  • The music selection for this episode was spot on HEARTBREAKING and fit into the episode as well. The moment I heard Snow Patrol’s ‘Make This Go On Forever’ song playing during Jackson’s scene with April, I knew it wasn’t going to hit me with all the feels.
  • Dr. Miranda Bailey is a precious being, she has a way of moving you when she speaks. Protect her always.
  • Amelia seems to be knowing exactly what she’s doing with Betty. She’s a mentor now!
  • MEREDITH STILL HAS THE POST-IT NOTE! And Derek’s OR cap. Ahhh, my heart.

What did you think of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy airs next Thursday, May 17th at 8/9 c on ABC.

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