Siren Episode 1×8 “Being Human”

The people in Siren are not having a good week.

We catch up with them grieving the loss of Xander’s dad, Sean, and Ryn figuring out what it means to be “human”.  Pretty much the entire town comes out to celebrate the life of Sean.  We found out last week that he had been stabbed in the chest by a merman, but because literally NO ONE would believe that, they said he got tangled up in a fishing net and drowned at sea.  It sucks for Xander because he misses his dad, and he’s lying to his mom.  Ben hates that people are dying ever since they found out mermaids really do exist.  Can we all just get along? Apparently not yet.  This week, some of our characters sat on the sidelines, and let others shine. Ryn shone bright in this episode as does Maddie.  Helen is back, you guys, and you know I love her!  Her layers just keep going and going.  I need a full episode dedicated entirely to her backstory ASAP!  Grieving is a hard process; for humans, it can overtake you completely if you let it. This week’s Siren was a bit somber, but no less entertaining.

Sit back, relax, have a pint or two and lets give a toast to our fallen Siren character, Sean.

Everyone is gathering at Sean’s favorite pub for his wake.  Helen does not believe Sean drowned and she questions Ben about his story. Helen always knows what is up and she tells Ben to keep Ryn away from Xander because if he finds out who Ryn is, he will want to hurt her.  Stupid Chris tells the gang he is leaving B.C. for good this time because he’s through with mermaids and boats! Honestly, Chris, this is the smartest thing you’ve said all season. Can your move be expedited?  There has to be a U-Haul with your name on it and I’m super pumped to not have to see you anymore. Total waste of a character.

Anyway, Ryn learns what grief means and she wants to learn more about it how to process it.  Don’t we all, Ryn.  Maddie and Ben get into an argument about whether or not Ryn is an animal or can be tamed.  Maddie defends Ryn and tells Ben that she trusts Ryn and that she has changed. She is not just a predator anymore.

Ben was kind of annoying in this episode. Just last week, he was defending Ryn and ready to hide her away forever to keep her safe from Xander.  I really like Ben and he’s also nice to look at so I’m going to overlook his ineptitude this time, but he’d better pull himself together next week.

We do get a backstory on how Ben’s dad and Sean knew each other. It seems they were childhood friends and they bought Sean’s fishing boat together as young men.  They were going to sail the seas and be fishermen, however Ben’s dad had to go into the family business or ELSE and their dream came to a halt.  Their friendship was fractured after that, and Ben’s dad always regretted not having made amends with Sean.  Ryn makes her way to the pub and finds Xander, who still doesn’t know she is a mermaid.  Xander gives a tearful eulogy about his dad and he starts to ramble (dangerously) about the ocean and what lurks beneath it.  Ben has to intervene and take over, so as not to let the mermaid out of the bag! Ha!  Ryn goes over, and talks to Xander and tells him she is sorry his father was killed.  I thought she might read his mind because she has this way of staring at you and its like she a pre-cog but she’s not, at least I don’t think?  Ben rallies the townies to stick by his dad through this tough time after Xander’s mom tells the grieving crowd that its Ben’s dad fault Sean is dead, because he had all the fishermen in B.C. overfishing and they were tired.

Helen and Ben’s dad talk about finances and him owing her a monthly check.  Normally it wouldn’t seem questionable but on this show it is.  Helen is a mermaid and has a ton of secrets, why is she on Ben’s dad’s payroll?  She tells Ben’s dad that she wants to help pay for the funeral expenses and he tells her not to worry about it, he will take care of it anonymously. Get this, guys, Helen tells Ben’s dad that she wishes there wasn’t so much water under the bridge between them,  because after all, they’re FAMILY!! Dude, WTF??  I love Helen and all her secrets. Is she Ben’s aunt?  I feel like YES.

Maddie finds Ryn and tells her that she can’t be seen at the funeral. Ryn starts to tell her about how mermaids take care of their dead and how she is part animal and human.  Ben looks ashamed of his earlier actions (as he should) and Ryn tells them that when a mermaid dies, they all carry the body to the deepest part of the ocean and bury her/him so that no other animal can find them.  Maddie tells her that’s a funeral. Xander confronts Ben and Maddie and he’s mad that they didn’t tell him Ryn was a mermaid.  He is drunk and full of grief and so he goes off on Ben and tells him to stay out of his life.

Then everyone heads home. I hope they have cabs in this town, because people are LIT.  Xander gets escorted home by Maddie, who puts him in bed and makes sure he doesn’t choke on his own vomit. What else are true friends for?  Maddie tries to talk to Xander about Ryn and tells him that Ryn is good and she trusts her.  Meanwhile, Ben drives his mom home and she tells him she got accepted into a clinical trial for spinal injuries.  Ben is all excited for her until he finds out it that it was all maneuvered by the scientist (Whose real name I never care to remember).  Dun, Dun, Dun!  Ben texts the scientist and tells him to leave his mom alone!  Wait how does Ben have this guys number?  Elsewhere on the docks Ryn’s sister Donna, the merman from last week and one new mermaid, come ashore and they look ready to hunt/kill.  B.C. ain’t ready ya’ll.  They are like the Crazy 8’s from Kill Bill.


  • Chris is leaving B.C. for good! It’s like Christmas came early!
  • Guys! How is Helen related to Ben?
  • How does Ben have the scientist guys cell number? Did they exchange numbers last week? If so, how did I miss this?
  • Ryn bonded with a seal from Maddie’s work, and he wasn’t afraid of her anymore; Ryn actually smiled and nuzzled with it, it was cute!
  • The guy who plays Xander is REALLY good at crying on cue
  • I still wanna road trip to B.C.
  • Donna is out for revenge and man, she can hold a grudge!
  • Did you know there is a fisherman’s prayer?
  • I always thought that mermaids would be friends with everything in the sea except sharks, BUT like, they’re not.  They definitely don’t burst into song with lobsters.
  • I need a backstory on this towns mermaid lore ASAP!
  • How long to mermaids live? How old is Ryn? What if she is like 100?
  • I wanna like Ben’s mom because she is being nice to Maddie, but I think she can be easily manipulated when it comes to Ben and so I don’t trust her just yet.
  • I will never, ever eat clam chowder


Siren airs Thursdays at 8/7c on FreeForm

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