‘Younger’ Season 5 Trailer: The Good, the Gasp and the GET IT GIRLY

The Younger Season 5 Trailer was just released and the minute-long video provides enough tantalizing images and snippets of dialogue to keep us talking for months! Luckily, we only have to wait 25 days ( I mean who’s counting?) for the season premiere.

But, let’s be honest. I will still be watching the trailer and the amazing TV Land teaser videos DAILY until Younger finally returns to my screen.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine just got canceled, so I am IN THE MOOD FOR GOOD NEWS!

So, let’s start there (and if I start sobbing in the middle, please hold me until it passes).

The Good

My shipper heart is racing from this trailer! Not only do we see Liza and Charles in steamy lip-lock in a secluded staircase, we hear Maggie advising Liza to sleep with him a bunch to see if it stays hot.

This implies they’ve already slept together. HALLELUJIAH! We are sure to see some full on Liza and Charles sex and I could not possibly be more ready.

THAT BEARD, THOUGH! My heart stopped at the sight of Charles- professional, eternally composed Charles- looking like he’s fallen apart, right into the arms of the woman he loves. My body can’t quite handle this mix of vulnerability and desire.

Please, oh, please let this scene be early in the season! Put my heart out of its misery, Younger!

Then that last scene in the trailer where it lingers on the eye sex between the publishing pair? Just, wow. TV Land really knows how to give good trailer.

Another of The Good on the trailer is the pairing of Lauren and Diana. The chemistry between them is instant and of course, Lauren loves everything about the maven, B-T-Dubs.

Diana can be so straight-laced, but we haven’t forgotten her show tunes-loving drunken romp at the downtown bar. Diana gets down! And Lauren could use some mentorship and style inspiration in her life.

When you pan the room to Miriam Shor during Lauren’s speaking parts on the TV Land 360 table read, you can see how deeply entertained Shor is by Molly Bernard’s portrayal of Lauren. They are delighted with each other! That makes me even more excited to see what these two can cook up together during Season 5.

The last of The Good I will point out (although there is MUCH more), is the incredible costuming we can look forward to on Season 5!

Maggie is smooth as her high-end vodka in her Johnny Cash-inspired black ensemble. I also adore her chic take on the cheesy luau theme we see as she meets Lauren. Her costuming has gotten better with every season and I can’t wait for all the Season 5 outfits.

I see a few of Liza’s zany choices and I LOVE the risks she takes. I think I even spy a light-up necklace. She makes it work and I love how her style choices add to her character development. Really, only Liza could hit a power stance in a head to toe shiny silver suit. Bless her.

Kelsey even stuns in her pajamas. But, her blouse situation is also as strong as always on the trailer. I love Younger for a wide variety of reasons, and I am unashamed to say that the costuming is definitely one of them.

Keep those good clothes coming!

The Gasp

Several sights from the Younger Season 5 trailer make me gasp out loud. Of course, Charles and Liza getting their mack on under the stairs, like they are teens in high school, is certainly a gasp-inducing moment.

Then, Josh sitting with Liza and admitting:

We were never real.

I am crushed!

But, after several viewings, I think he’s much more likely to be talking about his relationship with Clare than Liza. I can exhale!

My next gasp comes when I see two familiar faces, or who I suspect are familiar faces, on the trailer.

We see Diana sitting at a fancy dinner with a very handsome date- OH WAIT! THAT IS THE PLUMBER ENZO!! The only way I could be more thrilled is if it was Jay sitting across from her.

Diana’s scenes with Enzo way back in Season 3 were absolute stand-outs. She ditches the opera so she can be told to “hush-up” by the man working the pipes next door. When he has moved on to another job, Diana takes a huge wrench to the pipe, annihilating it until it bursts.

Her plan works and the visual imagery is delightfully giggle-worthy.

Their chemistry is electric and I love the idea of Diana exploring a real relationship with someone who isn’t an academic. Diana’s rough edges could use some softening and Enzo the contractor could be just the buffer she needs.

The other familiar face is more hidden. But, if I’m not mistaken, the man that Liza is kissing on the bench is Christian Borle!

Borle is a Broadway star who was previously married to Sutton Foster, the actress who plays Liza. If that IS Borle is the scene, that is a JAW DROPPING choice!

If that IS NOT Borle, the actor is a real doppelganger. We will have to wait and find out, but for now, I will just GASP!

My final Gasp on the trailer is when Charles breaks up with Pauline. FINALLY! Sorry Pauline, but you have less than zero chemistry with Charles and there has always been something shady about you.

It is also a gasp-worthy moment because Charles says, “I have to pretend so much in my life.” This is quite mysterious.

At the end of Season 4, the only thing Charles was pretending was that he and Pauline were back together. That’s a big pretend, certainly, but it doesn’t seem quite encompassing enough to be “so much in my life.”

So, what else is Charles having to pretend? Is he having to pretend he’s not still in love with Liza? Is he pretending he’s not having a relationship with Liza? Is it that he’s actually only 35 but he lies about his age to be taken seriously?

How I am going to be able to wait 25 days (or MORE) to find out!

I love it.


There are several empowering moments on the Younger trailer, and nearly all go to my favorite character, Kelsey. She has me yelling Get. It. Girl. I love how she calls Liza out for “gaslighting an entire company” since she met her.

Sure, Kelsey might be seeing two guys at once, but she is entitled to a secret now and then. It is so thrilling to see Kelsey stand-up for herself against Liza’s sometimes judgemental (in a good-hearted and motherly way) takes on her life.

I also nod approvingly when I see Kelsey having a full plate of romance on the Season. She has yet to be with a man who matches her ambition, integrity, and zest. It appears that on Season 5, there will be two people who are vying for her. Great choice, Younger!

I know it’s somewhat controversial, but I ship Kelsey and Josh and would love to see them be endgame. I think they are so well matched and balanced as friends. They also have great chemistry and a similar background with their experiences with Liza.

Even though Liza will always have a part of Josh’s heart, I could see a life with Kesley not really threatening that. Afterall, Kelsey loves Liza too.

Liza also delivers some great Get It Girly lines:

“The world is ageist. And until that changes, I can’t play by the rules.”

She says it softly, almost apologetically, but the sentiment is firm: I will fight for what I want.

We see her take a deep breath while dressed ridiculously, ready to be objectified at the Comic-Con event and move boldly forward towards the stage.

This is bravery.

Maggie too is cast in a brave light on the trailer. We see her in a probable first kiss and then we see her more broken down, vulnerable in Liza’s arms. Vulnerability is a marker of strength. It is a willingness to expose flaws in order to grow.

I love that we see a glimpse of this vulnerability from Maggie and I hope the relationship is well developed on the season.

The final Get It Girly moment on the trailer is breathtaking. It is Liza marching into Charles’s office and shoving a thick manuscript in front of him, then leaving the room only to turn as she exits and say “I didn’t run away.”


I love this for ever-so-many reasons. First, Liza is confident, holding her head high, and pissed.

What a great combo of moods.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, at this point in the season, Liza has revealed her lie to Charles. Her clothing is a bit more mature than her usual wacky choices and her make-up and hair are also subdued. In addition, her words about running away indicate that person Charles ran away when he learned of her dishonesty.

That possibility also lead me to something I like about the interaction: Charles made a mistake. So far, we’ve really seen Charles making reasoned, thoughtful, and kind decisions.

I am excited to see him mess up.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am MOST excited for when Charles and Liza set sail. But, I love all the details and exciting conflicts we have to look forward to on this season!

What do you think of the Younger Season 5 trailer? Chat it out with us in the comments below.


Younger airs Tuesdays, 10/9c on TV Land starting June 5, 2018.


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