Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: May 6th – May 12th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lizzie: Denise Christopher, Timeless. What an episode, and what a lesson on what it’s like to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and still come out on top. I sobbed every minute that both Sakina Jaffrey and Karen David were on screen, and I’m so glad they both got to teach us a lesson about the importance of being who are you are, even when, or especially when it’s hard.

Mimi: I’m going to co-sign with Lizzie on this one, but also add more women to the pot. I think Lucy, Jiya and Denise Christopher were all badass in the latest Timeless episode.  Again, we see Lucy standing up for her friend and what’s right, she is so selfless that girl. I mean we really needed to Denise to realize she was a lesbian and be okay with that. Lucy and Jiya had an agenda, but it was from the heart and they wanted to keep their family in tact. Denise struggled with her identity and what it meant to be Indian and a Lesbian. She came out to her mother and that set her free and put her back on the path to the TimeTeam and her family. Bravo Ladies! Stick together, work shit out, and support each other.

Lyra: Rowena on Supernatural. By sheer force of will this witch held on and kept a portal to another universe open. We don’t know what it took out of her or what consequences she will endure for her bravery. But we’re proud of her perseverance and her fuck you attitude to the world telling her that she can’t do something!

OTP of the Week

Image result for olicity gif

Kayla: I’ve watchI’m ed The Big Bang Theory since it’s pilot in 2007. I’ve fallen in love with the characters and watched them develop.

But none other than Sheldon Cooper. When he met Amy Farrah Fowler in season 4 – their relationship was one I had to learn to enjoy – but I did. And they have had so many amazing moments over the past 7 seasons – but none are better than the payoff we got on this relationship than the season 11 finale.

Shamy – yes that’s the ship name the show gave them in the canon – IS MARRIED!

It was beautiful, and nerdy, and in typical TBBT style – absolutely perfect for Shamy.

Oh, and seeing them get married by Mark Hamill – the icing on the cake. It’s a fangirl’s dream – or in Sheldon’s case the ultimate fanboy’s dream.

His reaction to seeing Mark was priceless. It was a surprise given by his buddy Howard. Howard and Sheldon have had a rocky relationship – but Howard you nailed it! Getting Mark Hamill to marry your friend to his first love is epic.

My OTP is totally Shamy this week.

Lizzie: I’m long past caring about Arrow as a show, but their one saving grace this season is that, at times, they still deliver the Olicity feels.

Lyra: Riya on Timeless. It’s been a pleasure watching this relationship grow week after week on Timeless. What I assumed would be the side relationship, the one ignored for the stereotypical “lead couple,” turned out to be the center focus and highlight of many of my favorite episodes.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

Starz Vida GIF

Lizzie: Every second of the premiere of Vida, on Starz. We always say representation is important, but it’s hard to put into words what it feels like to see it, especially when you’ve never really had it. The first time I watched something and felt connected was probably One Day At A Time. This is my second time. And it feels just as amazing.

Sarah: I’m going to dive into deep shipper territory here and run straight to two moments during the 100. My heart about burst out of my chest when Madi revealed Clarke was alive to Space Kru & the deftness of how shocking that was masterfully acted by Bob Morley with “Clarke’s alive.” Two words shattering my emotions was the theme when later faced down with God knows how many guns Bellamy marched in and is able to negotiate with nothing but a coffee mug Clarke’s safety. I think it’s safe to say every Bellarke shipper had a hell of a night when he reaffirmed Clarke’s importance to him after thinking she was dead the last six years with a simple “She is.”

Marta: Every single thing Bill Hader did on Barry this week. Half of my review was basically finding adjectives to describe how utterly amazing his performance was. When just the sight of someone grossly sobbing makes you grossly sob, you know they’re doing something right. And the emotional turmoil Barry was going through came to a climax at the best time in such a beautifully cruel way that it was hard not to be in constant awe of both the character and the man portraying him. Seriously, someone stop me. I can’t stop talking about this. I was just so blown away.

Charles: There’s always a moment every ship gets that you will remember forever. “Romantic Stylez”, “It was red.” are just a few of those. “She Is.” is that moment for Bellarke fans on The 100. That moment shows you the connection these seasons Bellamy and Clarke have made with one another and I admit I have watched it several times since it first aired.

Hillary: Jackson praying for April was just one big wave of feels. Jesse Williams has proven his talent but that moment was just pure emotion and I couldn’t help but tear up as well.

Mimi: I will co-sign with Hillary and say that the entire cast of Grey’s, pulling for April to recover, was my OTP.

Moment that gave you Hope


Lyra: Denise Christopher, a woman of color, coming home to her wife and children of color, in a beautiful slow motion scene that I’ve seen been done over and over for straight couples. Pair that with the Latinx and queer representation on Starz Vida and you’ve got a recipe for representation that I hope doubles or triples for the future. Seeing yourself in the content you consume is important because it makes you feel welcome, included, and like you belong. Watching these two shows made me feel like I belong.

Marta: A comedy like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on a network like FOX, dedicating an entire episode to address the terrifying reality of an active shooter on the loose and the implications and consequences of that idea. The fact that this show is constantly striving towards talking about the real issues that plague society, the mere thought that a network like FOX –I cannot stress this enough– produces a show where an entire episode serves as the perfect discourse in favor of gun control has got to be a huge step forwards. Plus, three adult, heterosexual men in a position of power actively and openly discussing their feelings and emotions and helping each other? They took down fragile masculinity in a single scene. Truly outstanding.  

Hillary: Arizona leaving Grey’s Anatomy has been a struggle because the character has been a staple of LGBTQ representation for a number of years. I’m sad to see her go, but I liked that they gave her character a well-rounded ending by adding the new fetal surgery center opportunity.

Mimi: Sony is still in negotiations with NBC over the Timeless renewal, I have hope that they are working it out, which is what is taking so damn long, and we will get a season 3. It gives me HOPE.

       Superhero of the Week


Mimi: I think we should add an (s) to the end of Superhero, because the ENTIRE, Timeless fandom are my superheroes right now! We have showed up and showed out! We Will not be denied a 3rd season of Timeless by NBC. We flooded their inbox, we had celebrities flood their inbox, we had the freaking Smithsonian flood their inbox and we will persevere and win a renewal,  I’m sure of it. Get your capes out now. Wear them proudly.

Hillary: I have to say the B99 Fans and NBC for SAVING Brooklyn Nine-Nine! There was such an uproar online, and rightfully so, to try to get other networks to save this diverse and hilarious show. We were all nervous when we heard Hulu passed, but seeing the news that NBC got our six was the best.

Lyra: Gabriel decided to stop running and finally face things head on on Supernatural. It didn’t end well and he died, for real this time, but it was a change for the character that I did expect. Also, I agree with Hillary. NBC can join Gabriel in this feel good moment for Superhero of the Week. THEY BROUGHT MY BABY BACK TO LIFE! Now to wait and see what fancy thing happens to make Gabriel come back to life.


Quote of the Week


Lizzie: Emma: It isn’t a homecoming until somebody calls you a puta.

          Lynn: Welcome the fuck home then! – Vida

Hannah: Charmaine: 283 lives for one. She must be pretty important to you.

   Bellamy: She is. – The 100

Dania: Flynn: You can sit there doing paperwork and fretting about time travel rules, or you can get the hell back home and look at your wife and children while you still can.  -Timeless

Mimi:  Jiya: I’m Cagney, this is Lacey.  Lucy: And we’re private investigators. –Timeless

Lyra: “So which one is he?” “The hot one who sweats diamond dust.” – Freya to Hope, The Originals

Hillary: Both from Grey’s Anatomy – April to Owen – “You always come and bring me back.”   Bailey to Arizona – “I thought you were a pixie stick. When I met you, I thought you were an empty vessel full of sugar who skated in a hospital. I didn’t know then that it would be one of the greatest privileges of my life to know you, and work with you.”

WTF Moment of the Week

Image result for jessica timeless gif

Lizzie: Why are we, in the year of our Lord 2018, STILL ASKING MEN LIKE ROMAN POLANSKI FOR THEIR OPINION ON ANYTHING, much less the #MeToo movement?

Lyra: I was going to list something else but what Lizzie said is so on point and makes me mad. Roman Polanski gets no say about the #MeToo movement, should absolutely be removed from the Academy, and has no grounds for feeling butt hurt after admitting to having slept with a 13 year old. Get out of here with that nonsense, Polanski.

Dania: I think I speak for every viewer of Timeless when I say that my WTF moment of the week was Jessica dropping the pregnancy bomb on Wyatt. My jaw hit the floor when she, rather conveniently, admitted this while being questioned by an increasingly suspicious Wyatt. WTF Jessica!

Hillary: I’m with Lizzie on this one. Why does his opinion even matter? He literally fled the US after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13 year old in 1977 and yet outlets decided to report on his thoughts on the #MeToo movement? WTF.

Mimi: So the black Air B & B guests, who btw was Bob Marley’s granddaughter,were surrounded by police leaving their rental home. The neighbor called the police because they didn’t wave back when she waved at them, and I quote “ It was very suspicious”. The women who owns the house later went on to say, “If they had just waved back, none of this would have happened.” Wow really? So now I’m required to wave back at you? But only if I’m black in a white neighborhood. Totally at WTF moment of the week.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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