Beanie Feldstein Cast As The Lead In ‘How To Build A Girl’

We’re obsessing over Beanie Feldstein ever since seeing her on Broadway in Hello, Dolly!. She’s talented, funny, and did we mention that she was talented. The actress made us further fall for her when she starred in Lady Bird alongside Saoirse Ronan.

We’re excited that the actress has been cast in the title role in Caitlin Moran’s novel adaptation How To Build A Girl. Just take our money.

She will play Johanna Morrigan in the movie which is set in the 1990’s. Johanna is overweight, opinionated, and desperate to get out of the town she lives in and make a name for herself. Making a name for yourself is easy – well not easy, but a little easier – when you reinvent yourself. Morrison does by becoming music critic Dolly Wilde. She’s built a new life for herself, and learned How To Build A Girl, but is it the girl that she wants to build?

We relate. Lord, we relate.

“How To Build A Girl will be outrageously funny and utterly affecting, even heart-breaking,” says producer Debra Hayward. She added, “With Coky Giedroyc at the helm of Caitlin’s swashbuckling script, we are blessed to have a director who can deliver all this in spades.”

How To Build A Girl
will start filming in the UK this July.

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