‘Quantico’ Quietly Moves To Friday Nights

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise when a show about spy games makes a sneaky move. Quantico, canceled earlier this week by ABC, will finish its remaining episodes on Friday nights, starting May 25th.

There wasn’t a lot of warning; just a tweet posted by the official show account at 7:30 PM Pacific time on May 17th, when viewers (like me) went looking for Quantico and instead found an episode of What Would You Do?

The action show will take over the spot left open as Once Upon A Time ends its seven-year run on May 18th.

Quantico came back for a shortened third season with a new showrunner and a new approach, taking on a case of the week rather than a single overarching plot line. But the revamp failed to catch audiences, with a 31 percent ratings drop in the 18-49 demo.

There are ten episodes left in Quantico’s 13-episode season. Hopefully that will be enough time for Ryan Booth to reform, or for Shelby and Alex to kick his sorry butt. And I’m hoping for something centered on the oh-so-charming Harry Doyle. (Hey. I’m watching for him. And for Priyanka Chopra’s hair.) Whatever they give us, I’ll be reviewing it.

Quantico returns to ABC on Friday, May 25 at 8/7 p.m. Central.

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