'Roswell, New Mexico': See the Description & Key Art for The CW Reboot

Are you ready to return to Roswell, New Mexico?
The CW’s second reboot of this 2018 television season is Roswell, New Mexico, which extends both its name and its universe in this new midseason series. Featuring our faves Liz, Max, Michael, Maria, and Isobel, we’re ready to return to Roswell and the alien drama that awaits. With a new twist.
Roswell, New Mexico looks to be a modern spin on the Roswell High series, from Melinda Metz, that is bringing back the familiar names that we saw on The WB many years ago. These characters will deal with the drama that comes with the existence of aliens, as well as politics of fear and hatred that could serve as a nice parallel to our present day society.

Is it too much to ask for an opening credits sequence like the original? I need some Dido in my life again. (Ditto for Charmed.)
The CW has released the description and key art from the WB reboot:



Roswell, New Mexico premieres midseason on The CW.

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