‘Blindspot’ 3×22: Pics, synopsis, sneak peeks & spoilers

There are only a few hours left to enjoy a new Blindspot episode! And not any episode,  but the season finale. There is nothing left, but to liven up the wait, here are all the 3×22 sneak peeks, promotional photos, synopsis and new information about Jane’s so strange headaches. Here we go!


In these pictures we can see that Jane has contacted two men outside the team, I guess she knows about them in her time away from Kurt and that she has recruited them to help the team against Roman and Crawford.

In addition, we see that there will be moments of tension but also happy ones. Especially between Jeller, Avery and Jane. The Weller family is going to have a big role in the episode! And I can’t wait to see it. These photos have already moved me and I’m in love. The smiles of Kurt and Jane in those photos, the caress of Kurt in her face, the look of Jane to her daughter … I melt!

Also, Ritch and Reade having a drink? I’m in! It’s going to be a great scene!


Here is the synopsis of the season finale.


05/18/2018 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Friday) : SEASON THREE FINALE – Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) hunt Roman (Luke Mitchell) back to where it all started…Can they stop him at last? Also starring Rob Brown (Edgar Reade), Audrey and Ashley Johnson (Agent Patterson). Guest starring Special Guest Star David Morse (Hank Crawford), Tori Anderson (Blake Crawford), Kristina Reyes (Avery) and Gloria Reuben (Kira Evans).


Here are the three sneak peeks of this promising episode!


In the first advance, we can see how the team begins to investigate Roman’s cryptic clues with tattoos but most importantly, Patterson cares about Jane’s welfare, she confirms that lately her head hurts, she is very tired. ..and that she has an idea of ​​what can happen to her. Leaving in the air Jane may be pregnant. But, although I’d love it, I don’t think it’s something like that because Roman also has those symptoms. It must be something that connects the brothers. Maybe the memory loss drug.


In this second advance, the team has come up with the key that deciphers what Roman has prepared: he wants them to go to South Africa where everything started with Jane. This is going to be very interesting! The duality between Romi and Jane will be more present than ever.


And in the last advance we have a sad scene between Tasha and Reade. She is signing her resignation, saying goodbye to her life as an agent and when Reade tries to comfort her as her couple she turns away and rejects him … again. Tasha explains how she feels. She’s very afraid. She has already lost everything in her life and doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. Sometimes, when a friend happens to be something else things go wrong and then that friendship is lost. That terrifies Tasha and causes her to reject Reade, causing him to live through his greatest fear and his biggest nightmare. I understand Tasha but she must be brave. If before it was Reade who behaved like a coward now it’s her. She need to step up and fight for what both feel and also for her own career. Tasha is the opposite of fearful and must find herself again. The good thing is that I don’t think the episode ends this way between Rapata, fingers crossed.


Thanks to EW we have more information about those headaches that Jane is having. On this, Martin Gero – producer of Blindspot – comments:

“Headaches are never good. You know who else has mentioned headaches? Roman! But the question remains who he’s been mysteriously talking about them with on the phone. Alas, that answer is not provided in the upcoming finale. “Sadly not this season, but you’ll find out next season”

Are you interested in the new information revealed? Do you have as much desire as we do to see this season finale? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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