‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×24 Review: All of Me

Grey’s Anatomy manages to give us a season finale without a tragic character death and all I gotta say is: Thank you Grey’s writers!

As season 14 officially wraps, we were left with nothing but great times, bittersweet farewells and new beginnings in this season finale. I’m glad that there was something in it for everyone, and that everything that occurred didn’t change into sheer heartbreak and misery towards the end.

“All of Me” is all about celebrating the long-awaited union between Jo and Alex. My heart is finally happy that this day is finally here for these two because it’s definitely been a long time coming and Jo and Alex deserve to be happy through and through.

If this episode didn’t prove to you that Jo and Alex are perfect together then I don’t know what to tell you. These two are each other’s anchors and even with them being locked inside a barn as they snuck out to fool around before the ceremony began, Jo was able to find the silver lining. As she usually does in most scenarios. It’s sweet and you can tell how comfortable and happy Alex is when he’s with her and he joins in the laughter with her as well.

The ceremony doesn’t go as planned much to April’s dismay as one disaster occurs after another, but everyone seemed to take it easy. Though Meredith felt uneasy about Jo and Alex possibly moving as Jo receives this wonderful fellowship in Boston.

However, there are two things you can take away from this moment:

  1. For anyone that’s ever dreamt of anything romantic to happen between Alex and Meredith, you can keep dreaming on that one. Because that my friends, is something that’ll never begin to happen.
  2. You realize how much Meredith cherishes and loves Alex as her FAMILY. Like a brother, her confidant, her rock. They’ve been through thick and thin together, they’ve gone through the worse only to be able to be there side by side one another.

After losing Derek and Cristina, Alex was pretty much the only person she could call family left that’s been around since day 1. It’s absolutely normal for her to feel that way, and it shows you a side of Meredith that she usually tends to keep to herself. But Alex is her person. He always will be.

Meredith being able to officiate their marriage on the yacht is a sweet touch. It makes their friendship that much stronger and Maggie suggesting that to Alex is a smart move.

Another major chapter that closed its story is April and Arizona’s. I…can’t believe that was literally their last episode. Ever. Whenever a major character leaves the show, it always makes you feel some type of way. These two have been loved by many, have created such memories on the show, and to see their growth from day one till now is truly unforgettable.

For Arizona, she’s set on moving to New York with Sophia and from there she will see Callie. She’s hoping that she can start anew when she’s there and she has this wonderful opportunity waiting for her with Dr. Hermon. She’s all set.

For April, she finds her new beginning with Matthew. A wedding planner gets married at the wedding that was meant to be for someone else. Remember when that happened many seasons ago with Izzie? (A little trip down memory lane for you.)

But anywho, seeing her story end with marrying Matthew, without NO distractions and interruptions, is beautiful. Personally, I’ve always thought April and Matthew clicked so well together, they both had a mutual connection with their faith and I thought they were cute together.

Who knew five years later they’ll find their way back to each other. Life can be so unexpected.

Both Arizona and April deserved a happy ending and it’s great that they both were able to get just that in the finale. Also, the fact that April wanted Jackson there when she married Matthew, that…that is pure growth.

Jackson and April have shown so much maturity, respect and growth within each other even after everything they’ve been through, and it’s got to be one of the most admirable things in the world.

They’re family, they have a daughter together but they just weren’t meant to be. They’re perfect as friends now.

As “All of Me” really digs deep into the meaning of different types of family, it really navigates towards a moment where everyone seems genuinely happy. Bailey wants to find herself in a way where she didn’t even think was possible before. This new journey for her is fitting and I can’t wait to see how the writers will unfold this one in the next season. Go, Bailey, go!

Oh yes, and Teddy’s BACK! So now that she might take on the task as interim chief of surgery, she returns to Seattle with a surprise–she’s expecting and it’s most definitely Owen’s baby!

The dynamic between Owen and Amelia has shifted now as they’re housing a toddler and his teen mother all under the same roof. Something tells me it’s going to get a lot complicated in Season 15 now.

You know I’m curious as to how this will turn out!

As Grey’s Anatomy leaves us with sad tears in literally almost all of their season finales from utter tragedies and heartbreaks, this time around, they leave us with happy tears. This season has been outstanding overall, here’s to another season because I can never get enough of this show.

What did you think of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts with us!

Grey’s Anatomy returns this fall for its 15th season on ABC.

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