‘The Fosters’ Spin-Off Now Has A Name

With every ending is a new beginning. We’re learning that with fandom and what we have to look forward to from it. As The Fosters ends, a spin off of the series is beginning. Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez will be starring in the spin off.

And the series finally has a name.


There is all sorts of good trouble in life, but we’re not sure of the trouble that Callie and Mariana will be getting themselves into with this new show.

“We’re seeing millennials in this country doing extraordinary things, making noise, taking action. Stirring up ‘good trouble’ as they grow, strive and struggle to make the mess of their early twenties into the message,” executive producers Joanna Johnson, Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg said in a joint statement released about the show. “As Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) venture to Los Angeles to start their adult lives and embark on their separate but intertwined journeys to change the world, they’re going to have all the ‘good trouble’ they can handle.”

We’re even more excited because John Chu will be directing the first episode.

There is no premiere date for Good Trouble, but you can catch the three part season finale starts June 6th on Freeform.



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