Siren Season Finale Review: “Aftermath”

Hello my lovelies! Siren season 1 drew to a close last night, and ended on a high note. The song of the siren plays a huge role in the finale. Ryn is sticking by Donna’s side, as she is close to dying from her bullet wound, courtesy of Xander.  Decker a.k.a. the evil scientist is now doing all he can to help save Donna, since you know he kidnapped her once and harvested her stem cells.  So actually she’s helping herself? Baddie is still  kind of at odds but must work together to save Donna and keep Maddie’s dad in check.  Helen is still secretive as per usual but she does all she can to help save her fellow mermaid sisters in need.  A lot of questions were answered in the finale but as usual only led to more questions.  Siren did okay with its 10 episode run, I think they could have used a solid 12 but that’s just me. 10 episodes seems to be the new 23 now, everyone can thank Netflix for that.  We have a lot to get into this episode, so Let’s D I V E in shall we…

We pick up right where we left off, with Donna’s life hanging in the balance and Ryn and Baddie doing all they can to save here. Decker tries to come to Donna’s aid with medicine and herestem cells but Donna doesn’t trust him. Can you blame her? Baddie is still at odds and Maddie is hella mad at her boo. There’s trouble in the water, ya’ll.

The police start trying to put together the pieces of who Xander shot, but of course he isn’t talking and there is no body.  He is sitting in a jail sail brooding. Why are they wasting tax payer dollars? Meh.  Decker is a moron if ever there was one. This fool asks Donna to sing for him while she’s laying there dying! Helen says get out of my house dude, she is not going to sing for you! Total ass wipe. Ryn backs Helen up, and tells Decker that Donna sang to him to escape, NOT because she loves him.  Decker later tells Ben that he is going mad because he can’t get the song out of his head, he begs Ben to ask Ryn to sing it instead. Dude is acting like a crack fiend right now, all that’s left is for him to start scratching and twitching.  Xander gets released from jail because they have nothing to charge him with, Maddie’s dad tells him to go home and let him worry about the rest.

Meanwhile, Donna wants to go back to the water, Ryn promises to take her when she is better and tells her a story about when they were young sirens. Those were the days…  Donna starts to decline because the stem cells aren’t working! Decker admits he took the cells when she was in her aquatic form, not her human form, and that’s why it’s not working.  Ryn knows she is dying and tells everyone to leave them alone so she can say goodbye.  Decker bolts and Helen tells Ryn she knows a place where Donna can be laid to rest. Guys, this is it! Helen’s big reveal is coming and I’m here for it.

Helen drives them out to the woods and across the bay to her family’s sacred burial grounds.  Ryn tells Helen that her sister would not want to be buried with humans, but Helen confides in them that she is not exactly human.  Helen reveals that she is a direct descendant of the Siren that bore the half human half mermaid child the ENTIRE legend that BC was built upon. Helen says she is 1/8 siren and the last living descendant of that child.  She also reveals that the child was not murdered as Ryn was lead to believe but was helped by tribal leaders and lived a VERY long life. The child’s father (Bens Great Great Granfather), knew the baby would be born different and instead of killing the baby, he took it to tribal leaders called the Haida who where used to dealing with shape shifters, they saved the baby, who was born during transition and its soul was caught between two worlds.  Ben asks Helen what we are all thinking, “Can you change?” Helen reveals she cannot because she is so far removed from the line but she tells Ben that they are related through his GG  Ben wants to know if his family knows any of this? Helen say’s that’s for Ben to find out.  Ryn decides to bury Donna with her fellow sirens in Helen’s family’s burial ground.

B-story subplot :Xander and Calvin “break up” because Calvin finds out that Xander slept with his now live in girlfriend. It was years ago, way before they started dating, BUT he never told him.  BIG YAWN.  Also I just now learned his friend’s name, he’s been in like every episode tagging along with Dumb Chris.  Peace out Cal, go join your bro in Iowa, no one cares about you b-side story line.

Ben goes to talk to his dad about Helen’s story, leaving out the mermaid part of course.  His dad tells him that, yes, he is related to Helen, they are cousins, BUT that Helen’s GG grandmother was a prostitute and supposedly had a child out of wedlock and that entire side of the family was ostracized.  His dad apologizes for keeping it from him but says you know how our family is, Ben, they would never let anything like that get out and ruin our reputation. Ben is pissed, as well he should be.

Helen and Maddie tell Ryn that it will get easier for her on land, and she will learn to deal with grief and sadness in her own way.  Maddie promises Ryn that they will help her, Ryn says she helped Ben when he was sad.  Helen looks alarmed because we all know where here mind was going. Ha! But Ryn says she sang to Ben and he said it made him feel better.  Maddie is really worried though because Ben has been acting strange lately.  Helen tells her the siren song can have different meanings, great love, doom or obsession.  Ruh Roe!  Decker keeps hearing Donna’s song in his head and he throws himself into the water drowning himself.  The three women decide they need to find Ben quickly before anything happens to him.

They arrive at the docks too late, Ben takes off in a boat because, he thinks he hears Ryn singing to him.  He drives out into deepest part of the ocean, jumps in the water to look for her, it reminds me of the dream he had, where he is attacked by sirens in the water.  Ryn saves him just in time because he is close to drowning and she  drags him to safety.  Maddie is furious that Ben has been keeping all these secrets from her and they sorta break up or at least she moves back into her dad’s  house while Ben sorts himself out.  Is ANYONE actually surprised?

Calvin is pissed off with where his life is going, so he decides to get revenge on everyone damn it!  He calls a newspaper (Enquirer maybe?) with plans to tell all and get paid.  Dumb ass.  Does he watch any John Grisham movies like at all?  It never works out, fool!  You will either die or be seen as a fraud and die at the end.  Move to Iowa with Chris, that’s your best bet right now.  Maddie’s dad is about to lose his job because…I really don’t know why?  I don’t care.  I guess everyone’s mad that dead bodies keep popping up and he has no one in custody.

Maddie’s’ dad decides to work with Ben’s dad to keep his job and get the town off of his back.  Maddie looks like she is feeling better about her and Ben’s breakup, when the phone rings and its her mom on the other line. I been saying Maddie’s mom is a mermaid, which makes Maddie one too she just doesn’t know it.  Does Helen know?  Wait does Ryn?  Is that why Maddie is not affected by the siren song? Ryn sang to her too if you all remember in the second episode, but she never went crazy once and doesn’t even seem to hear it the same as Ben? Sigh, that’s a question for next season.

Back at Ben’s house, Ryn tells him that she needs to leave BC and start a new life somewhere else because she has caused him so much pain.  Ryn tells him that Ben and Maddie are love then she kisses him goodbye.

The End.

Well, guys, that wraps up season 1 of Siren, and it was good. I had plenty of rants about it, but I also loved parts about it.  What did you guys think? Siren got renewed for a second season so hopefully most of my questions will be answered.  One thing I do know is this: Please don’t bring Dumb Chris back.


  • It totally sucks that Helen can’t transform, does it skip a generation?
  • Dude, where is BC?
  • Does the Siren Song affect women differently than men? Helen seems to be unaffected as well
  • Are the other mermaids gonna be pissed that Xander shot Donna and kill him in his sleep? Or the next time he takes a float trip?
  • Ben’s dad knows wayyyy more than he is letting on
  • Maddie’s mom must be important for her to be in the finale
  • Does Helen know Maddies’ mom?
  • I want to know more about the Haida tribe
  • I want to see some flashbacks to the first Siren in BC next season
  • I want to know where the hell Ryn is going, not back into the water that’s for sure…
  • Someone needs to kill Calvin, he’s stupid too and his rage stems from his bartender gf sleeping with Xander years ago. Who fucking cares?
  • The males on this show are so dumb.
  • I still think Xanders dad was Helen’s brother but I could be off on that one, usually I’m not but you never know…

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