Chris Colfer Announces He’s Writing A ‘Land of Stories’ Prequel Series

We’re all for a good fairytale. Like everyone else, we grew up on them, embraced them, and believed in them. Maybe that’s why we’ve always loved reading Chris Colfer’s, Land of Stories, series.

We have to admit – he weaves a good story.

The actor/singer/writer/person who does all, announced that there is a prequel series to Land of Stories coming.

Prior to his book signing this past weekend at BookCon the actor did an Instagram live where he revealed the news.

“I am writing a Land of Stories prequel series. I plan to put a LGBTQ+ character in that.”

We’re excited to read the prequel series, excited for new characters, and can’t wait to see what happens.

And yes, like you all, we’re still waiting on Land of Stories movie news.

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