Paul Wesley Books Lead Role In ‘Tell Me A Story’

It’s not secret that we cried when The Vampire Diaries went off the air. We knew that we could always watch reruns, but we also knew that it wasn’t the same.

But as time has gone on, our favorites are returning to TV in new roles and we’re excited that means that Paul Wesley will be back on our television screens.

The actor has signed off to star in Kevin Williamson’s new drama, Tell Me A Story. The show, which will be on CBS All Access (yes… another streaming service and we’re not happy about more money out of our pockets either), takes fairy tales and gives them a modern take in the big city of New York.

We’re like – wait, how is this gonna go – because we live in New York and we know how crazy this shit can be.

We told you previously about Danielle Campbell from The Originals being added to the cast, which also has Billy Magnussen and Kim Cattrall. This makes our second Julie Plec alum to be in the cast. Wesley will play Eddie, a derelict whose bullshit is fueled even more by his problems with drugs and alcohol. Although he works as a bartender, but you know is a multi tasker so he’s also low-level drug dealer and part-time thief. Cause #entrepreneur?

Take our money, we’re here for it all.

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