See The Cover For ‘Red Scroll of Magic’ by Cassie Clare and Wesley Chu

You know that we love us some Cassie Clare. We can’t get enough of her books and the Shadowhunters world. Some characters we love more than others and two of those are Magnus and Alec.

We were excited for the upcoming book all about Magnus and Alec’s life, Red Scroll of Magic. The book has some time before it is released but Clare released the cover last week and we think it’s beautiful.

A canon Malec story? We are about it.

But what is it about? Well we have time before we learn more. But Clare had this to say about the book, “Wes Chu and I ultimately mean for Red Scrolls of Magic to be a joyful book — it’s a classic romantic-comedy caper, along the lines of the movies Charade, Roman Holiday, or The Thomas Crowne Affair, of people falling wildly in love while having a riotous time hurtling through Europe,” she reveals. “Alec’s trying to negotiate first love, while Magnus is horrified that a dark secret from his past is casting a shadow over the future he’s hoping for with the guy he’s not sure he can keep. Magnus and Alec are going to get abducted aboard the Orient Express, meet grumpy vampires in Venice, and have true love tested where all roads lead. Fans will also get to check in with favorites like Clary and Jace, Isabelle and Simon, and Helen and Aline, but make no mistake — Magnus and Alec are the stars of this show!”

We’re counting down the days until we get our hands on the book. Red Scrolls of Magic is set for publication on April 2, 2019.

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