Amazon Is Heading Into The YA Market With These Three Shows…

You know that we love a good adaptation. We live for it. We can’t wait for it.

One other thing we love? A good Lauren Oliver book. So combine the two and we’re good to go. Now combine those two together and with Amazon and we know that we’ve got another thing we’re going to need to be streaming.

Amazon has ordered three YA pilots – Panic, from writer Lauren Oliver with producers Joe Roth & Jeff Kirschenbaum; The Wilds from Sarah Streicher (Daredevil), producer Jamie Tarses and ABC Signature; and College, from 6 Balloons filmmaker Marja-Lewis Ryan and producers Channing Tatum and Jill Soloway.

Just take our money Amazon, because all three of these sound like something we’d watch.

“We’re excited to explore the point of view of Lauren, Sarah, and Marja who are fresh and distinct voices in television,” said Nick Hall, Head of Alternative Scripted Programming, Amazon Studios. “They are creating content for a younger audience that will also transcend cross-generationally, and we look forward to bringing this new perspective to our Prime audience.”

YA is an important space to break into, we agree.

Panic is a crazy book – where the basics is that every year, high school seniors that are graduating participate in a high stakes game for money and escape. Anonymous judges that push them to the edge, and with the biggest pot – that only one can win – who knows what can happen.

The Wilds is a group of teenage girls that find themselves stranded on a desert island, unaware that they are part of a big social experiment. It offers a look at what it’s like to grow up female and is part survival. Shit is going to happen.

College follows six people as the navigate the drama of college. Can’t wait to see that.

Are you excited? Any of these sound like something that you’ll be watching?

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