‘Quantico’ 3×09 Review: ‘Fear Feargach’

“Feargach” means “anger” in Irish, and this episode sets the Quantico team up as targets for a vendetta.  It also features a mixed bag of emotional development.

The Caper Of The Week

Shelby is set to testify before a U.N. commission on Syria, along with several Syrian witnesses – most of whom wind up dead in a CIA safehouse. The team’s mission is to protect Shelby and the survivor, who happens to have a romantic past with her.

Former Irish Republican Army members come into the mix here, in a way that’s not really clear – just a mention of connections between the IRA and Syria. But I’ve learned not to look for anything very clear in this season of Quantico – just go along for the ride and try to enjoy the character moments when they come up.

The team is pitted against a onetime IRA leader and his son. The former is a nasty piece of work who beats his son and mentally abuses him. The latter doesn’t seem to have much going except this desperate need to prove his worth to dear old dad – a need that eventually gets him killed.

And that’s where “feargach” comes into play, because dear old dad goes into revenge mode. Conor Devlin proves himself to be a formidable enemy who will continue to strike at the team, even from behind prison bars.

The Emotional Journeys

Something has happened to Ryan Booth this week – something good! He’s finally becoming the supportive husband Shelby needs. He even tells her that he’s glad she’d once been in love with Nazir, the man they’re trying to protect. Ryan acknowledges that everything she’s been through has made Shelby the woman he loves today, and he rejects Mike’s implication of jealousy.

Mike McQuigg, on the other hand, still feels too much like a bad country song. His efforts to empathize with Alex (and it’s not clear whether he knows she lost a baby as well as having nearly been drowned) are tempered by his rather Neanderthal advice to Ryan about Shelby: “She’s yours. You’ve already won.”

A wife is NOT a rodeo trophy, Mike.

The writers still seem to be pushing the Alex/Mike relationship, but I’m still not buying it. I’d really rather see more of Alex’s friendships with Shelby and with Harry.

I’d also rather see more of what’s going on with Owen and Jocelyn. There’s a little friction between them over her old partner/boyfriend Frank (who plays a small part in this week’s caper) and whether he’s ready to get back in the field after being trapped in that fight club the team uncovered a few weeks ago. Owen does Jocelyn a favor by writing a recommendation for Frank, just before she confesses she’s seeing Frank again.

Can Owen keep things professional?

Maybe a better question is whether any of the team will be able to keep things professional once Devlin starts going after all their loved ones.

And maybe a better question than that: Does it really matter? With only four episodes left of the show, it feels like the writers gave up on the storytelling. ABC certainly seems to have given up on the promotion; why promote what you’ve already canceled? It’s too bad; the “caper of the week” formula had some potential but it’s never quite gelled.

Quantico airs Friday nights at 8/7 Central on ABC.

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