‘The Bachelorette’ – Where We Left Off and Where Are We Now?

Hi friends, it’s been a minute since I checked in with you all on how things are going on The Bachelorette. Before we dive right into the latest episode, here’s a quick recap on all the things that have transpired over the last few episodes:

Previously On…

Jordan and David fought. A lot. David fell out of a bunkbed and somehow ended up in ICU (but miraculously recovered within hours). Then, they ended up on a two-on-one date with David being left in the middle of the desert. Meanwhile, Becca and Jordan continued their date only for him to be sent home later.

Tensions flared, boats were ridden, planes were flown, gambling was had and here we are, with about 10 men left to fight for Becca’s affections. Currently, Garret is very much the frontrunner (and probably Colton, and maybe Wills.) Will that remain the same after the current episode? Read ahead to find out!

Virginia is for Lovers

Do you guys know any single guys? Anyone show up with food on the regular?

We start the episode in Virginia, which is for lovers, so says the magnet on my fridge. I mean, Virginia is great and all, but are they operating on a reduced budget this season? They haven’t left the country yet!

Becca meets up with Chris Harrison to have a talk about what’s going on with her thus far, aka Chris has to come out and earn that pay check, I suppose.

Back at the den of men, Chris (our new, very annoying villain, not Chris Harrison) is on a tangent about how he wants a date of any kind this week, including a two on one, because he’s so confident. Chris, btw, almost got sent home last week, so his confidence is not earned.


A new type of Bachelor franchise transport – the trolley.

Jason has been fairly inoffensive so far this season. The only negative thing I can think to say about him is that he should cut down on the hair gel sometimes.

They begin the date by drinking some champagne (or maybe sparkling grape juice, I don’t know what laws are like in Virginia) on a trolley bus. That’s a new one for the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. More trolleys, less sky transport! They tour around some of the historical areas in Richmond and then stop at some kind of “gothic party” which actually looked like a pretty good time to me.

After the trolley tour, they go to a bar where they meet up with a few of Jason’s friends. I am unclear on if they flew these friends in just for this meet up, or if they happen to live in Richmond. Either way Jason is excited, Becca is “so excited about him.” So, excitement is in the air, apparently.

The evening portion of the date goes well, they “open up to each other.” He gets a rose. The end.


The best part of this photo is the patriotic bunting.

The guys show up in their finest blue jackets to the capitol building so that they can have a debate? This seems like a way to get vaguely topical without ever getting topical at all. I see what you’re doing here, producers.

The whole time Chris is narrating about how much Lincoln and all the other guys are getting to him, but he’s “not going to let that bother him.” I think you just contradicted yourself, Chris.

Onward to the “Beccalection 2018” I wish I was kidding guys, I so wish.

They “debate” over such issues as “what is your idea of the perfect date with Becca in the commonwealth of Virginia” and “what lessons have you learned from past relationships?” This is riveting material, right here. Too bad they’re not debating real-life issues — that would give much more insight into their personalities.

However, the fun and games screeches to a halt when Chris goes on a rant about the other guys in the house, and how they are not who they appear to be, etc. He goes after Lincoln in particular, which I mean, he may not be wrong about, given some of the things that have come out in the media about him in recent weeks. Either way, Chris rambles on for way too long, things get awkward, Becca is highly embarrassed and they shut down the event.

The cocktail party quickly becomes the Chris Show once again, and everyone is highly annoyed, including Becca. Why she doesn’t instantly send him home after her awkward one-on-one time with him is a mystery. JK it’s not a mystery, gotta keep that drama around for as long as possible!

Probably 80% of the cocktail party is devoted to Chris things. Becca does manage to get a bit of one-on-one time with the guys, and she ends up giving the group date rose to Colton.

Oh, you thought the Chris drama was over for one week? Nope, just wait.


Hey Leo if the Bachelorette doesn’t work out for, I think you have a future in hair modelling.

Becca’s second one-on-one date of the week is with Leo, who I feel has been under appreciated this whole time. He’s probably not going to win, given his lack of air time, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

I spoke too soon when I mentioned earlier the lack of sky transport this season, because they quickly head up in a small plane to explore Chesapeake Bay.

Becca is not feeling the date (at the beginning) because she is still emotional from all the happenings the night before. However, Leo quickly turns the date around by talking with her, distracting her, and they seem to have a good time together. I don’t see the same connection with Leo as I do with Garret/Colton at this point, but I hope he stays around for a little longer. He ends up getting a rose.


The face you make when a guy you don’t like shows up at your door.

Because he has zero chill, Chris ends up going to see Becca in her hotel room/apartment. If he’s watched any seasons of this series in the past, he should know this is a very bad idea. He says he is ready to “fight” for Becca, but what he’s doing is really annoying the hell out of her.

He shows up, they have a chat, it is very clear that she wants him gone, and she does what she should have done a while ago, and sends him home.


How many will last to accept another rose?

Due to all the drama this week, Becca decides that she doesn’t need the cocktail party and will jump right into the rose ceremony. The guys had been hoping for their precious few seconds with her and are quite upset when they find out there’s no cocktails (they may be more sad about the latter than the former).

Reminder that Jason, Colton and Leo already have roses.

By order of call:


That cuts the field to six guys already. I know I missed a few episodes but it seems like this season just flew by. Stay tuned next week as the guys and gal finally get to flee the country!

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