‘The Gifted’: 5 Questions We Want Answered at San Diego Comic Con

It seems like The Gifted left us forever ago (it kind of did), and yet, the time of its return nears, and we not only have a September 25th return date to look forward to, but the cast is going to be at San Diego Comic Con next week, ready to bring us teases about the upcoming season.

So, with a panel and press rooms on the horizon for this show, let’s talk about the questions we would really like answered at San Diego Comic Con.

Is Eclaris over?

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Surely it’s fractured, I mean, this is not just a little disagreement Polaris and Eclipse had, this is a fundamental difference in how they view the world. And yet, they still love each other and there’s still a child that will presumably, need both a mother and a father. So, what gives? Is there a middle ground to be found with these two? Can they really be on opposite sides?

Will Reed Strucker ever get powers?

Can the X-gene ever be completely suppressed or is it something that could, under extreme duress, come out again? For now, it seems Reed will continue to be one of the few regular humans on this show, but knowing what we know of his background, am I the only one thinking this could be a nice twist? I can’t be the only one.

Will Andy take a turn for the dark?

The fact that Andy chose “the other side” from his parents and sister presents a very interesting dynamic going forward, just as the rift between Eclipse and Polaris does. They’re clearly not enemies, but they also are very far apart when it comes to the question of how they should face what’s coming. So who wins? And, like I asked before, is there a middle ground? Is family more important than anything?

Is Thunderblink going to be a thing?

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For most of Season 1, I was actively opposed to this relationship. Dreamer messing with Blink’s memories, and the fact that Thunderbird didn’t say anything rubbed me the wrong way. But the show went a long way towards redeeming this possible relationship in the last few episodes of Season 1, and with Eclaris, the OTP of the show, on severely rocky ground, it seems like another couple could rise. I just hope, if it does, there’s no more secrets between them.

Will we ever care for Agent Jace Turner?

If this show has struggled in anything is showing the point of view of the “humans.” Agent Turner, though at times relatable, just isn’t the kind of character that will have us wavering, or at least, he hasn’t proven to be so far. Will this change? And, how can it change in a way that would make us, even for a second, consider his side?

The Gifted returns to FOX on Tuesday September 25th, at 8/7c. The show’s SDCC Panel will take place from  2:30-3:15 pm on Saturday July 21st in Ballroom 20. Panelists will include executive producers Matt Nix and Jeph Loeb and stars Stephen Moyer, Sean Teale, Jamie Chung, Emma Dumont, Blair Redford, Natalie Alyn Lind and Skyler Samuels.

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