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Well friends, the end (of the season) is nearly upon us. Before another guy is sent on the long road home, let us take a peek into the hometowns of all four fellas left in this race. Honestly, the hometown dates were not the most interesting, so I’m going do the best I can to not drag this too long.

So many arm jumps, so little time.

Manteca, CA

Garrett’s family own an ‘agricultural business’ so the date begins with the two of them planting some tomatoes via tractor. They do some heavy lip locking, while on a tractor, which doesn’t seem safe AT ALL.  Garret says the last person that he brought home to meet his family was the woman that he was previously married to.

As much as Garrett seems like an okay guy, there’s just something very disingenuous about him. It often feels like he says the right things instead of what he’s actually feeling.

The family portion of the evening goes decently well. His family wonders if he’s fully healed from his previous relationship and they do not want to see him get hurt again.


Jason’s hair and I have come to an understanding.

Buffalo, NY

In Jason’s hometown date, well, stuff happens but is it anything of interest? Firstly, she starts out by jumping into his arms, just as she has with all the other guys – it’s Becca’s go-to move of choice it seems! Afterward, they attend a buffalo wing eating competition (because, when in Buffalo?) Then, they go to a hockey arena, and skate around a bit, and honestly I think that Jason has potential to play with the actual Buffalo Sabres, based on their stats the last few seasons.

Jason’s family generally seems to like Becca but they also don’t want to see him get hurt. Which is basically the conversation that happens on all these episodes. Honestly nothing else of note happens here. She likes Jason. Jason likes her. Family seems generally approving. The end.


My name is Becca and I REALLY love jumping into the arms of men.

Bailey, CO

Becca and Blake meet up under a covered bridge in his hometown, which seems a little weird but it is snowing pretty heavily there. From there, they go to Blake’s high school. He tells her that when he was a senior, there was a school shooting in which someone died. I can’t imagine what that must have been like for him and how it must have shaped him as an adult.

After they have a pretty deep chat, Blake brings her to the auditorium of the school where Betty Who is performing. I had no idea who she was prior to this episode (sorry Betty) but Becca looks pretty pumped about that she is there. Whether that is genuine surprise or producer set up surprise, who knows?


I literally have nothing interesting to say here.

Parker, CO

Anddd we’re 4/4 for dramatic ‘jumping into the arms amongst reuniting.’ Bleh. For their daytime date they are going to a children’s hospital and bringing them some presents, which I cannot snark at because that is really nice. They spend the afternoon with the most adorable children, so Colton gets ‘bonus points’ just because of that.

Becca meets basically every member of Colton’s family, which is not intimidating at all?! Colton says he and his dad have very much a ‘coach/player’ relationship. Which is maybe not what you want from your dad? But I’ve never played competitive sports (does badminton count?) so what do I know. Of all four families, Colton’s is probably the most skeptical. His dad more or less tells Becca to let him go right now if she has any doubts about him. To save him pain down the road if they grow closer.

Just here to stir up some drama.

The Tia Conundrum

A few of the girls from last season of the Bachelor meet up to talk to Becca about how her season is going. Within a few minutes of sitting down, Tia pulls Becca aside to tell her that she still has feelings for Colton. Whattt? What’s stupid about this, is it creates doubt for Becca about Colton, when he may not feel anything for Tia whatsoever. Also, Tia, you’re going to be on Bachelor in Paradise this season, so maybe simmer down? It’s a weird segment, but I guess that it’s needed because the hometowns have been a little dry.

Hold on, you want to ask me WHAT?

The Rose Ceremony

Becca says that the conversation with Tia doesn’t change anything (but it probably does) but she is feeling very pressured in her decision on who to send home tonight. When Colton arrives, he pulls Chris Harrison aside to ask what the ‘expectations’ are for the fantasy suite dates, since he is a virgin. Chris seems taken aback that he would ask him, and basically says whatever he wants to happen, would happen. They set their own rules/boundaries on that one.

By order of call:

  1. Blake
  2. Jason (did not see that coming, I thought he would have been down to the wire)
  3. Garrett

Bon voyage, Colton. I wouldn’t be too sad just yet though, as he seems like he could be a prime candidate for the next Bachelor.

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