‘The Bachelorette’: The Final Three

The episode begins by showing us some scenes of the locale of the week – Thailand. This is by far the most exotic location they’ve been this season, so I guess all the budget was all saved for this!

In a recap of the guys remaining, Becca actually states that she’s in love with Garrett, which is pretty interesting for this point in the show. She also says that she is in love with Blake, but she does not say the same thing about Jason. Is that some foreshadowing of what’s to come? Let’s find out!


After this point, we can kiss no more.

They start the date by going to a temple, but the catch is that they cannot touch or kiss after they pass a certain threshold. To which we can all be grateful for, thanks producers! They spend some time learning from Monks at the temple and it’s actually very interesting. That is about all that happens in the day portion of the date.

At night, more serious conversation breaks out as Blake is concerned about how she feels about the other guys, and how she may not be reciprocating his feelings. They talk a lot about how Becca felt when she was with Arie, and how she understands where he is coming from. Also, they talk about how in a week from now they could be engaged, and Blake is fine with that. Finally, they engage in some kissing, to make up for the fact that they couldn’t in the afternoon? Then, Becca offers him the fantasy suite card, and he accepts.

The next morning, Blake and Becca are shown in bed looking pleased with each other, so we can probably assume the night went well. They chat a little, and Blake is still a little insecure, but if he wasn’t, with two other guys still in ‘the game’ it would be pretty odd.


Mmm crickets.

To start their date, Jason and Becca are exploring a local market, which seems much more entertaining than any market around where I live. They share some crickets (yes, literal crickets) and explore a temple. They make a quip about what their potential future house would look like, and it hits Becca hard. She regrets making the comment and says that she ‘feels weird.’ In a very rare Bachelor series moment, we actually see Becca sitting down talking to a producer for a second about how she doesn’t know what to do.

After a break, we flash to the night portion of the date and Becca is still feeling off. She feels like she can’t see a future with Jason at the moment, but decides to still have the night with him to see if her feelings change. After some chatter, Jason asks how she is feeling about things, and she starts to explain her earlier apprehension and then has to step away for a minute.

In a move that is not entirely surprising but also kind of is, she tells Jason that her connection with the other two guys is stronger, and she doesn’t think she feels as strongly about him as she does the others. She decides to send him home, rather than making him wait until the rose ceremony. It’s not surprising that Jason is the one to leave tonight, but this is a very strange occurrence at this point in the season. It is very rare that ‘we’ know who the final two will be even before the episode ends. Barring some disaster on her date with Garrett, the finals will be him and Blake – so is it even worth it to watch the last date? Guess we’ll find out.

After sending Jason home, Becca is quite distraught and wonders if she just did to Jason what Arie did to her.


Please don’t send me home like that other guy.

After the tough night with Jason, Becca is still not feeling quite right but jumps into her date with Garrett. What they hoped would be some relaxing rafting quickly turns intense as the river is filled with people enjoying a national Thai holiday. She says she feels much more confident in her relationship with Garrett than she did with Jason. So that’s good, I guess?

In the evening portion of the date, she tells Garrett how happy she is to be there with him, and Garrett talks about his initial fears about potentially falling in love and getting married again. He also talk a bit about how he can work from anywhere with his career, which is rare bit of ‘real talk’ on this show. They rarely talk about how things can potentially work after the cameras stop rolling. Garrett also tells Becca once again that he loves her, so we can probably assume he’s going to get a fantasy suite card handed his way pretty soon. He is, and he obviously accepts.

The night with Garrett appears to go very well, but there’s still 20 minutes of show left, so what could possibly happen? DRAMA, that’s what.


Can’t blame a guy for trying.

Jason decides that he needs some clarification as to why Becca sent him on his merry way home (to which, shouldn’t he already be home by now?). They chat, and Becca says he’s one of the best guys she’s ever met and that she really did care from him. Jason then says that he had to see her one more time before he left, but they don’t really talk about anything new. They just rehash the same things she told him on their date. He is then sent home, for the second time.


Two guys and two roses, the odds here are pretty good.

Despite the fact that there are only two guys left, there is in fact a rose ceremony this week. Blake and Garrett enter and quickly figure out that both of them are very lucky tonight, because Jason is not there. They are both gifted with their roses, and so ends another week. Only one more episode until we find out who Becca will choose to give her a Neil Lane ring! Oh, the suspense.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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