Marie Lu’s ‘LEGEND’ Picked Up By BCDF Pictures

If you haven’t read Marie Lu’s Legend, you need to get on it. The series is absolutely amazing.

The series was previously set to come to the big screen from CBS Films, but like all movie options, there was no guarantee that it would come to the big screen. And the project did stall with what seemed like no hope for it moving forward.

And we were excited about the movie, because our favorite director, Jonathan Levine, was set to direct.

The adaptation is getting a new life thanks to BCDF Pictures! THANK YOU!

If you have not read the series – it tells the story of June, a military prodigy living in a dystopian Republic. She’s on the hunt for a criminal named Day, who she believes Day killed her brother. One can’t hate on her for that. When Day and Junes worlds collide, they undercover a dark conspiracy.

Trust us when we say it’s extremely captivating.

“The script that BCDF has put together looks fantastic and stays so true to the story and characters,” Marie Lu told THR. “I’m incredibly excited about working with this amazing team and bringing Legend to life.”

Are you excited for Legend? Do you hope it makes it to the big screen?

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