The Bachelorette Finale Recap: And The Final Rose Goes To…

We’re back for Chris Harrison’s longest shift of the year! The show is live, and it’s about the most ‘emotional finale we’ve ever seen’ and it’s a ‘tearjerker.’ We’ll see about that, we’ll see. This week were in the Maldives, aka the most romantic place Becca has ever been.

After a hilarious shot of Becca emerging from the water, mermaid-style, we’re introduced to her family. They’ll be joining her for part of the week to help her make her final decision.


Let those emotions fly, Garrett.

Becca’s family feels a lot pressure to her help her out, mostly given the results of last season. Her mom questions if her situation with Garrett is different than it was with Arie, because it feels very similar.

In talking with her uncle, Garrett gets very emotional when talking about his own family. He also has a long chat with Becca’s sister, Emily, who has hair that I relate to so hard. As opposed to Becca, who has straight brown hair, Emily is a very curly blonde. That’s not going to be fun in the humidity of the Maldives, I feel you girl. Also, Garrett starts crying when talking to Emily, as well. He’s got his emotions on full blast.


Becca’s sister is not here for this BS.

Becca’s sister starts out by grilling Blake a little bit on if him and Becca can ‘work well as a team.’ It’s a bit of a funny question given the limited chances they would have had for team working on this show. Did they ever play tug of war or something at some point? I don’t believe so, thus this question is not really relevant at the current time.

After chatting with both guys, Emily tells Becca that Garett would be a great dad, but Blake would be a great teammate (is she obsessed with teams?). Becca responds by saying that from the start, she always assumed that Blake would be the one, but now she is not so sure.

Finally, when talking to Becca’s mom, she tells Blake that ‘you will be okay either way’ which is perhaps a little ominous? Does she have some mom-radar that he is not going to be the chosen one? After this conversation, Blake is very much on edge and is convince that he’s going to be on the next boat out of there. You might be on to something there, Blake


Did she choose yet? Let’s just kiss until she does.

For their last date before the big decision, Garrett and Becca meet up on a boat, not Kate and Leo style. Some dolphins appear right under the boat and my watching group is left wondering if somehow they were let out on command, and is this really some kind of training exercise? It just seems a little too perfect for the moment. Becca says if she could pick a place to die, it would be right where she is right now (with the dolphins?!).

She’s going to pick Garrett. I can feel it and I’m going to hate it. Mostly because of his no good, very bad Instagram history.

As the date winds down, Garrett says that he can ‘hear the laughter of little kids in my ears’ – you should probably get that checked, G. He also tells us that he “loves the way she says bag” and I cannot, it’s too easy.

That’s about it for that date. They talk a little about his past marriage, and it would be interesting to know his ex’s side of that story, because obviously everything that we (and Becca) get to hear it very one sided.


So much kissing, so little time.

Blake is feeling less upset than he was the day of the parental visit. He wants to embrace his time with Becca, as it may be coming to an end soon. They go paddle boarding and there is NO ONE else around them. If this is the case, and it’s always like this, it seems like an amazing island to visit. Maybe this is why they didn’t travel much at the beginning of the season, they needed all money for private Maldives beaches.

The final date is really not overly exciting. They chat, we get some overhead arial shots of them kissing, there’s a lovely sunset off in the distance, and that’s about all.

They sit down to drink some wine and I can’t help but think “is this Two Oceans’ because the Canadian Bachelor series has ruined me for life. Blake presents a time capsule to her as a gift. This part always is laughable because these gifts are 100% made by production staff, there’s no other possible way for them to get all those pictures, at this stage in the competition.


Time to choose.

Who’ll it be friends?

Before any choices are made, we have to get our annual shot of both men picking out rings from Bachelor BFF Neil Lane. Which, always seems a little silly when it’s the Bachelorette. Just because Becca is woman doesn’t mean she has to get proposed TO, she could very well be the proposer, but alas.

We get some shorts of both guys on a boat, looking down at the rings that they have chosen. After a few dramatic moments, the boat pulls up to the dock, and the first person to get out (and inevitably let down) is… BLAKE.

Le sigh.

This doesn’t make any sense, WHY.

Poor Blake, didn’t see it coming. He gives Becca a hopeful little speech before she gently tells him that it’s not going to be him that she’s accepting a ring from today. Blake starts stress sweating, crying and it’s a bad scene all around. One of my watching companions says that one season the producers should just let the audience pick the best choice. Are you listening, Bachelor/Bachelorette producers? Make it happen!

We get some scenes of Blake crying his heart out, and it’s needless and one of the producers should really just go and give him a hug.

ALSO may I just add that this I believe the 4th season in a row where the guy who received the first impression rose, also got the final rose. So it’s just as well to have one show and call it a series, apparently, because we don’t need weeks and weeks to know what could have happened in one night.


Well, this is awkward.

Chris Harrison and Blake have a chat on the live stage, and he is obviously still emotional about everything that transpired. He says he never considered the fact that he could have a ring in hand and not get a chance to use it. He reiterates that he did in fact love her, and he’s still pretty distraught. Chris asks if he’s still in love with Becca, and he says that he’ll always have love for her.

Chris asks if he’s thought about what he’s going to say to Becca tonight, since they’re going to be bringing her on stage shortly for a chat. I think they’re doing things slightly differently tonight, this format seems weird, but it probably makes sense since they’re dragging this out over THREE HOURS.

Blake is very nervous when Becca takes the stage. He asks her if there was one particular moment in which she knew it wouldn’t be him. She said no, there wasn’t one thing in general, it was more overall. He also asks if there was something in there future that didn’t seem right, and she once again says no. Must be hard for him to not get any real answers.

Finally, Chris asks what would help him move on from this situation (besides being the next Bachelor). Blake response with that he’ll learn and grow from the experience, which is about all he can say.


We’re engaged… yay?

We now get back to the proposal, and it’s all rather nauseating. Garrett gets one down on one knee, and she says yes, what a shocker!

And so we basically end another season of Bacheloretting, just a few more minutes with Chris Harrison and it’ll all be done.

Becca and Garrett are brought out to the main stage to much applause, which is perhaps surprising? They seem happy enough. They show some ‘behind the scenes’ of them on a romantic weekend getaway together and it’s all very eye rolling (to a cynic, anyway).

Garrett address his social media ‘mishap’ and says he didn’t realize the effects that a ‘double tap’ would have. He says he’s trying now to grow as a person, but I don’t know about that. I could get into a lengthy rant on my opinions on Garrett and his Instagram, but for the sake of brevity I’ll just say that I think what he ‘liked’ shows a lot about who he probably is as a person.

That’s basically all there is to say about this episode. It seems as though the last few season of this show have ended on terms that I don’t necessarily agree with, but it keeps bringing me back season after season. Catch ya in the next one, with whatever Bachelor that may be.

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