Melanie Liburd Promoted To Series Regular On ‘This Is Us’

We’re eagerly awaiting the return of This Is Us, because (1) who doesn’t love a good cry fest and (2) it’s This Is Us and you shouldn’t have to ask why it’s so important to us and should be important to all.

You may remember that we got a flash forward to see that Kevin’s new girlfriend will be Beth’s cousin, Zoe. Well we’re all in on this Kevin-Zoe romance, because NBC has promoted, Melanie Liburd, to a full-fledged series regular in Season 3. What is this ship name that we are going to come up with for these two? Kevoe? Koe? We’re all in on this relationship.

But as we know with This Is Us, just because someone is promoted to a series regular, that doesn’t mean anything. Why? Well the actress that was playing Sophie – Kevin’s ex-wife – was made a series regular and then written out of the show.

So series regular doesn’t always mean anything on this show.

This Is Us‘ Season 3 premiere — which is set to air on Tuesday, Sept. 25 (9/8c, NBC) — once again centers on the Big 3’s big day – their birthday. It will pick up on Kevin, Kate, and Randall’s 38th birthday.

Are you looking forward to the return of This Is Us?

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