‘Better Call Saul’ 4×04 Review: Nacho Varga and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Needless to say, Nacho Varga is not having an easy time of it. He’s firmly under Gus Fring’s thumb, and that’s a life threatening place to be. The poor guy was shot twice only a couple of days ago (courtesy of Gus) and Gus has him out in the middle of shootouts helping to steal territory for his cartel. Nacho hasn’t even been able to see a real doctor, so he’s probably dealing with the pain of a serious infection on top of everything else. It’s been clear from the beginning that Gus Fring is ruthless, but his treatment of Nacho is really taking it to another level.

Fring’s main beef with Nacho is that he made a move on Hector Salamanca when Gus wanted to be the one to make Hector pay for past wrongdoings. This is when Gus Fring’s self centered nature is really apparent. He doesn’t care that Hector had wronged Nacho too, or that Hector was most likely going to kill Nacho’s dad and Nacho had no choice but to take a shot at Hector before that happened. Nacho didn’t hurt Hector to steal turf or get in Fring’s way, he just did it to protect his family. All Fring can see is that Nacho got in the way and took his revenge away from him.

Gus will get another chance for revenge against Hector Salamanca in “Breaking Bad,” but those of use who’ve watched “Breaking Bad” know how that turns out for Gus (hint: it’s not good). Fring even went so far as to blame Mike for not telling him about Nacho’s plan, and Mike was not having it. One of the things I love about Mike is that he doesn’t take anyone’s crap, and he’s not in the slightest bit intimidated by Gus Fring’s posturing. As he said to Gus:

“I told you I wouldn’t kill him, I didn’t say I would be his bodyguard.”

And Mike is absolutely right. Gus Fring doesn’t own Hector Salamanca. If someone makes a move on him first, well maybe Gus should have made his move earlier.

I just hope that Nacho makes it out of this alive and he can return home to his dad, leaving Gus Fring and the cartel life behind. Who knows, maybe Gus Fring’s imminent encounter with Walter White will actually end up being the reason for Nacho’s survival.

Jimmy also finally got a job in this episode, but “lackluster” is putting it nicely. He’s a shift manager at a cell phone store, but not even a single customer ever comes in. Jimmy tends to get himself in trouble when he has free time on his hands, and he’s got plenty of that at his new job. He really only took the job in the first place to make Kim happy (after she offered him a psychiatrists’s phone number) so the combination of boredom and lack of motivation is not going to be a good one for Jimmy.

I would like to say that Kim will be able to keep him from doing too much damage to himself, and that Jimmy will open up to her eventually, but with Jimmy eventually becoming Saul Goodman, that doesn’t seem likely. To become Saul, Jimmy needs to continuously make a series of wrong choices, and that’s what season 4 is all about.

Next week we’ll see Jimmy get himself into more mischief and start to question the choices he’s making as Mike considers a partnership with Gus Fring, a partnership that fans of “Breaking Bad” know Mike eventually excepts.

Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 9/8c on AMC.


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