Lyric Ross Promoted To Series Regular On ‘This Is Us’

When it comes to hitting us with the “feels” – no one show does a better job at it than This Is Us. Last season ended with a swift kick in the emotions and we’re ready to be slapped with even more.

Season 2 breakout Lyric Ross to series regular ahead of Season 3 and this is something that we’re overly excited for. You may remember her as Deja, the newest addition to Randall and Beth’s family as their foster child. However over the season she grew to be so much more to everyone and we’re thrilled to watch Deja’s story evolve on the screen.

Lyric isn’t the only addition to the cast. We previously reported that Melanie Liburd has been added to the cast as a regular. But as with Melanie, we aren’t letting our hopes get too high. As we know with This Is Us, just because someone is promoted to a series regular, that doesn’t mean anything. Why? Well the actress that was playing Sophie – Kevin’s ex-wife – was made a series regular and then written out of the show.

This Is Us — returns Tuesday, September 25. Are you looking forward to the shows return?

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