The New Bachelor is… Colton?

It was officially announced by ABC this morning that the star of the next season of the Bachelor franchise will be Colton Underwood.

On the surface, Colton may seem like an non-offensive choice. He’s a former football player, he runs a charity for children with cystic fibrosis and overall he seems like a decent guy.

However, this season of Bachelor in Paradise has shown that perhaps Colton may not be ready to jump right into another relationship. He came into Paradise very clearly not over Becca (and having her show up to chat with him on the first day probably didn’t help either). Also, Colton was back and forth on committing to Tia, which inevitably didn’t work out.

He has obviously dealt with a lot of relationship drama in the last few months, so is jumping full steam aboard the Bachelor train a good idea? Or will he end up like most of the Bachelors of years past, in a short term relationship, that doesn’t work out? I guess only time will tell.

Tune into ABC this January, as we begin another ‘journey’ together.

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