NFL 2018: Week 1 Pick-Em

Hello everybody! The 2018 NFL regular season is here and we can’t be any more excited for the new season. And with a new season continues that grand tradition of Fangirlish writers and our  predictions for the NFL week by week.

Questions? Yeah there are plenty.

  • How much will Khalil Mack improve the Chicago Bears?
  • Was last year a fluke or is the Jacksonville Jaguars the real deal?
  •  Will Brady and the Patriots finally miss a Super Bowl?
  • Can the Philadelphia Eagles repeat as Super Bowl champs?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll cover this season. We might not always get it right but we’ll try to entertain you as we get it wrong. So join our merry band of writers — Charles, Alyssa, Lizzie and Katherine as we look into the future and let you know who we think will be the big winners of week 1 of the NFL Season.

ATLANTA vs. PHILADELPHIA (Thursday Night Football)

Charles – PHI 24, ATL 21 – Close game that the Eagles squeak by as they find out being the champs means everyone takes their best shot at you.

Alyssa ATL 27, PHI 24 – This is a very talented Falcons squad taking on a very talented Eagles squad fresh off a Super Bowl championship. But they’ll also be without Carson Wentz. And Nick Foles’ magic is bound to run out sooner or later.

Lizzie – ATL 28, PHI 20 – Being the reigning champion means nothing once the new season starts.

Katherine – PHI 32, ATL 28 – I think this game will be the last gasp of Nick Foles incredible run as the back up that could.


Charles – BALT 31, BUF 13 – Ravens could be posed for something big this year.

Alyssa – BALT 20, BUF 14 – Joe Flacco or Josh Allen? I’m not feeling either. But someone’s gotta win this game.

Lizzie – BALT 18, BUF 14 – Long term, I trust Allen more than Flacco, but it’s still too early for complete trust.

Katherine – BALT 21, BUF 12 – I have no faith in Josh Allen to be able to pull this one off…


Charles – PIT 31, CLE 10 – Nothing changes here.

Alyssa – PIT 27, CLE 17 – The Browns defense is a force to be reckoned with. But Antonio Brown is certainly up for the task. While the Browns offense should actually put up some points, it just won’t be enough here.

Lizzie – PIT 28, CLE 14 – Let’s be serious here. The Browns are better, but not by this much.

Katherine – PIT 34, CLE 10 – I will say what I said every week last year, until the Browns can show me they can do it I will not pick them.


Charles – CIN 14, IND 8 – This could be a bowling shoe ugly game here. How well is Luck’s arm? I don’t think we know just yet.

Alyssa – IND 14, CIN 10 – This isn’t a game that you’re going to have circled on your calendar. We still don’t know just how well Andrew Luck’s arm is. But the Bengals remain the Bengals.

Lizzie – IND 10, CIN 7 – The game no one wants to watch might still be won by Andrew Luck.

Katherine – IND 17, CIN 10 – I think we get just enough out of Luck this week to bea the Bengals, but not enough to tell how he will perform for the rest of the year.


Charles- TEN 30, MIA 21 – Miami is going to struggle this season and this game versus a tough Titans team.

Alyssa – TEN 31, MIA 17 – The Dolphins don’t stand a chance. Even if they can manage to put up some points here. The Titans are going to eat.

Lizzie – TEN 31, MIA 17 – Yeah, no. It’s the Dolphins. Let’s be real.

Katherine –  TEN 27, MIA 10 – The poor Dolphins, next year is always there year, well it’s not this year maybe next year?


Charles – MIN 14, SF 13 – I think the 49ers will be really good this season but I can see the Vikings squeaking out a defensive victory here. This game is going to be a real test for both QBs and how good are they for real.

Alyssa – MIN 20, SF 14 – I’m not feeling high on Kirk Cousins in Minnesota. But I am feeling high on that Vikings defense, who’s likely to get a score in any game. Not particularly sold on Jimmy Garoppolo either. Until he proves it. So I’m going with defense.

Lizzie –  MIN 17- SF 14 – The Vikings defense is just too good for me to bet any other way.

Katherine –  SF 21, MIN 17 – I think Garoppolo is going to be huge for San Francisco this year I really do. I think he starts off with a tough hard fought game and doesn’t look back.


Charles – NE 34, HOU 13 – Some teams have other teams numbers. This is the case here with the Patriots owning the Texans.

Alyssa – NE 27, HOU 20 – Deshaun Watson is back. JJ Watt is back. And Tom Brady is still a Patriot. We all know how this ends. Even though Watson should have the Texans offense in this up until the end.

Lizzie – HOU 27, NE 24 – What? A girl can dream, can’t she?

Katherine – NE 34, HOU 21 – Brady. Gronkowski. Belichick. Enough said


Charles -NO 34, TB 10 – Saints should be mad as hell still about what happened in the playoffs. They are going to take it out on the Bucs.

Alyssa – NO 31, TB 17 – With or without Jameis Winston, the Bucs are in for a rough season. It doesn’t help that they’re going up against Drew Brees and this Saints offense.

Lizzie – NO 34, TB 10 – Oh, the Saints are back and they’re angry.

Katherine –  NO 37, TB 13 – My fantasy team is going to be so happy when Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara carve up the Bucs defense.


Charles – JAX 13, NYG 10 – Closer than it should be but Jaguars’s defense saves the day as it will most of the season I believe.

Alyssa – JAX 24, NYG 17 – Odell Beckham is coming off a hefty new contract. Saquon Barkley finally gives the Giants a running game. But the Jags have one thing the Giants do not: a defense. The Jags take this one.

Lizzie – JAX 23, NYG 14 –The Jags defense is not going to lose this one, no matter how improved the Giants are offensively.

Katherine – JAX 21, NYG 12 – The Giants definitely look like they are going to be better this year than they were last year, but the Jaguars defense is still as good as ever.


Charles – LAC 30, KC 20 – I think the Chargers will be a very under the radar team this season. The AFC West is theirs for the taking and it starts by beating a weak Chiefs defense.

Alyssa – LAC 24, KC 21 – After the Bears’ second stringers racked up the points against the Chiefs starting defense, I’ve been worried after that side of the ball. Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs offense should be fine. But Philip Rivers is standing on that opposing sideline.

Lizzie –  LAC 24, KC 21 – I wish they could both lose, but KC’s defense seems way more suspect than in years past, and Phillip Rivers always has good numbers.

Katherine – LAC 27, KC 20 – The Chiefs defense isn’t going to be able to stop the Chargers offense, though they won’t put up as many points as someone should against a weak defense.


Charles – WAS 21, ARI 7 – What a game this will be. I’m so excited for this (Sorry for the sarcasm but man oh man does this game not interest me.)

Alyssa – WAS 20, ARI 10 – While the Cardinals are getting back David Johnson, I have no faith that they’ll make any sort of splash this season. Alex Smith should get his first win as a Redskin here.

Lizzie – WAS 17, ARI 10 – Zzzzzz Alex Smith wins.

Katherine –  WAS 27, ARI 13 – I agree that this game is likely to be a boring game, though it will be nice to see what David Johnson will be able to do.


Charles – CAR 31, DAL 18 – I see the Cowboys falling fast in the NFC and this could be the start of it. Cam and the Panthers have too much firepower to not win big here.

Alyssa – CAR 24, DAL 17 – How’s that Cowboys’ offensive line? How are those receivers? How is Dak Prescott going to respond to this? I’m taking Cam Newton and the Panthers.

Lizzie – DAL 21, CAR 20 – I’m going for the upset here, not because I particularly like either team, but because this seems like a close game and you gotta gamble every now and then.

Katherine – DAL 23, CAR 17 – I am going to go with Lizzie on this one, I dislike both of theses teams but lets hope for at least an entertaining game.


Charles – SEA 20, DEN 10 – Closer than expected but in the end the Broncos just aren’t good enough to win this game yet.

Alyssa – SEA 21, DEN 14 – Anytime you have Russell Wilson under center you’ve got a chance to win. And while the Broncos have the defense, I’m not sure they have the quarterback.

Lizzie – SEA 21, DEN 17 – Every time I picked against my Broncos last year they won, so hey guys, now’s your time.

Katherine – SEA 32, DEN 20 – There are certain teams and players I don’t pick against and Russell Wilson is usually one of those players.

CHICAGO vs. GREEN BAY (Sunday Night Football)

Charles – GB 27, CHI 20 – Everything says to go with the Bears in this one – From Khalil Mack debuting as a Bear to the new coach in town. Still ain’t going to pick against Aaron Rodgers.

Alyssa – CHI 24, GB 20 – Blame Khalil Mack or blame the fact that it’s the season opener and anything can happen, but I’m taking the Bears to upset the Packers. This defense should give Rodgers a hard time. And thankfully John Fox isn’t coach and Mike Glennon isn’t under center for the Bears.

Lizzie – CHI 24, GB 20 – For you, Alyssa, I’m trusting my gut on this one.

Katherine – CHI 27, GB 20 – I am so here for the Chicago hype this year! And Aaron Rodgers is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL but I just want this one to go the other way for once.

NEW YORK JETS vs. DETROIT (Monday Night Football)

Charles – NYJ 31, DET 28 – Week 1 always has a wild upset. Why not the Jets?

Alyssa – DET 27, NYJ 20 – The Jets might have a playoff defense, and that will certainly be tested in this Week 1 matchup. But Sam Darnold is a rookie making his first start against Matthew Stafford that has already proven he can light it up. Should be fun.

Lizzie – DET 28, NYJ 21 – Stafford always puts up points. Plus, rookie QB? No way the Jets pull this off.

Katherine – DET 30, NYJ 17 – The Jets vs a Matt Patricia defense. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. I am really excited about the Lions this year, maybe I shouldn’t be but I am.

LOS ANGELES RAMS vs. OAKLAND (Monday Night Football)

Charles – LAR 41, OAK 20 – Jon Gruden’s road back to the announcing booth starts Monday Night with a beating by a Super Bowl Contender in the Rams. Smart move trading your best defensive player Jon.

Alyssa – LAR 31, OAK 14 – The Raiders are a franchise on the downswing. Good luck stopping this high-powered Rams offense without one of the top three defensive players in football. Also, Raiders, meet Aaron Donald. Have fun.

Lizzie – LAR 35, OAK 17 – It’s the Raiders and I don’t think much has changed, Gruden or not.

Katherine – LAR 38, OAK 21 – The Rams are going to be good this year, really good. And this will be their first step on their journey to the playoffs this year.

What are your picks for Week 1 of the 2018 NFL Season? Sound off in the comments!

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